KL Tower Skydeck


Having our base at the Hotel Stripes a mere 15 minute walk from the Petronas Towers was a lifesaver in a city as big as Kuala Lumpur. In a few days time we would be scaling the heights of the Petronas Towers, but today we were going for the KL Tower.

KL Tower Skydeck

The KL Tower is just a few streets down from the famous twin towers. A slightly uphill walk off the main Jalan Sultan Ismail, we arrived at a bus stop. When we asked the security guard about how to navigate the hill, he informed us that a free bus collects you from the bottom. 

KL Tower Skydeck

What turned up wasn’t exactly a bus as we know it. More of a minivan. Nevermind, this is Malaysia, a place that constantly surprises. The ‘bus’ had fantastic air conditioning and comfy seats so absolutely no complaints there. After a hair-raising ride up the hill, we thankfully exited in one piece. 

KL Tower Skydeck

Just at the entrance to the tower, there is also an entrance to a zoo and aquarium guarded by two large parrots. As we headed to the ticket desk there is also the option to use the self-service machines. Two tickets to the observation deck with the Skydeck included cost us RM99 (around £18.34).

KL Tower Skydeck sky box

One real bug-bear about the KL Tower experience is the amount of photographs they want you to pose for. In total, we had three lots of photos taken. One set before getting in the lift, one set at the top and one final set in the Sky Box. If you’re not willing to pay the extortionate amount charged for them then it seems like a waste of time. 

KL Tower Skydeck sky box

From the negatives, there are huge positives. The view across the city is stunning to say the least. If you are feeling brave and wish to hang over the edge in a glass case you can try the Sky Box experience. You are assigned a number and once the number is called you go into one of the two boxes.

KL Tower Skydeck view

With shoes removed, the only thing separating us from a hefty drop was a base of glass. If you suffer with vertigo then maybe this isn’t for you. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and even though professional photos are taken, the photographer is happy to take them on your phone or camera also. 

chris and ali durning

If you have a spare RM130 (around £24) you can purchase your photos at the end but this left a bad taste in our mouths. We didn’t buy them as it’s very cheeky to charge more than the entrance fee for a few photographs. One feature of the observation deck that is very interesting is the ultra-zoom binoculars allowing you to see life happening below. 

kl tower

As we endured another eventful free ride down to the base of the hill, we reflected on our experience at the KL Tower. The Sky Box was a unique and fascinating experience and the staff in general were all very friendly. The view across the city is breathtaking and absolutely worth experiencing when in Kuala Lumpur. 

KL Tower Skydeck

Opening Times: Daily 0900-2200

Nearest Metro Station: Bukit Nanas


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