Maison Marou Saigon


South East Asia is home to some of the best and most talented pastry chefs on the planet. At Maison Marou, in addition to tasting their fabulous creations, you can actually see the cakes being made. We simply had to go along, for research purposes more than anything…

Maison Marou, Ho Chi Minh

Maison Marou is a tranquil spot within arms reach of the busy bikes and cars honking away down the Calmette road. A machine rotates in the window demonstrating the roasting of cocoa beans in preparation for chocolate. Truffles and hand crafted chocolates are presented in glass cabinets, like diamonds on display.

Maison Marou, Ho Chi Minh

Behind the glass, the pastry wizards work away on the spectacular creations presented at the counter. Ordering is simple. Pick your cake, choose a drink, pay and take a seat. Maison Marou has ample seating with free Wifi so it is a popular place to meet, relax or catch up on work. 

iced latte Maison Marou, Ho Chi Minh

We chose a Marou Mug Mousse and a slice of Opera cake. To wash those down with, we went for an iced latte and a mango juice. Total price 425,000 Dong (around £14.23). Our cakes arrived looking simply stunning.

Mango Juice, Maison Marou, Ho Chi Minh

To make a cake look like a mug of cappuccino is genius. The craft and skill that has gone into the construction of the Marou Mug Mousse is breathtaking. You could be forgiven for thinking that with all that cream and sponge this will be a heavy cake – not a bit of it! 

Marou Mug Mousse, Maison Marou, Ho Chi Minh

Everything about this cake is light. The sponge melts away like a feather. Light whipping cream has been used to act as the foam on top of the mug. The chocolate mousse is rich in flavour but shares the same textural qualities as the foam. It’s a masterpiece. 

Opera Cake, Maison Marou, Ho Chi Minh

The Opera cake is a French classic. This was as good as any effort from Paris. Every layer worked to create a balanced flavour. Hints of coffee, chocolate and cream but nothing dominating. Add to that expertely tempered chocolate and a couple of meringues and you have a memorable slice of heaven. 

Maison Marou, Ho Chi Minh

Yes, you pay a little more here than at other places around town. However, when you experience cake as good as this, you really don’t mind dipping a little deeper into your pocket. Maison Marou is a true piece of Paris right here in Saigon, don’t miss it. 

Maison Marou, Ho Chi Minh

Opening Times: Monday – Thursday 0900-2200

  Friday – Sunday 0900-2300 



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