Richard Morton Podcast – Writing for Jack Dee & Supporting Lee Evans


Written for Jack Dee, tick. Worked with and has written for Lee Evans, tick. Composes own TV theme tunes, tick. Richard Morton has pretty much done it all in comedy. Of course, these are just a brief selection of his notable achievements through a glittering and astounding career. 

I first saw Richard perform his musical stand up set at Bartons PLC in Beeston, Nottingham. The high energy set had me transfixed and in stitches at his hilarious songs and gags. Meeting in London’s South Bank Centre, Richard and I discuss all things comedy and even the love for unique architecture at motorway service stations. 

Over a career spanning 30 years and counting, Richard shows no sign of hanging up his microphone. Richard also did a superb radio documentary for BBC Radio 4 titled “The Lost Art of the TV Theme” based around his love for TV theme tunes along with speaking to their original composers. Don’t be surprised at all if a part two goes ahead for this podcast.


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