Gaynor Preece Podcast- Whaley Bridge Dam, Charcuterie & African BBQ’s


Back when this website first began, one of our first collaborations was with a company named Spicely Does It. The company caught my eye straight away with a series of unique products aimed at creating your own charcuterie at home. Three years down the line, I was heading up to the beautiful High Peak area to meet Gaynor Preece, the owner of Spicely Does It.

Sitting down with Gaynor was a novelty in itself as her offices and stockroom had been submerged under water back in August 2019. The near-disaster of the creaking Toddbrook reservoir dam in the nearby town of Whaley Bridge had left many places flooded – including Gaynor’s. 

In this podcast, Gaynor recounts the seriousness of the situation, how the emergency services did a miraculous job to prevent the disaster unfolding and the aftermath. We also had a great time discussing charcuterie and Gaynor’s early years spent in Africa. This is a fascinating listen.


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