Stevie Gray Podcast – Sex Dungeons, Haunted Venues & Drugged Abroad


During my first experience of club circuit comedy, a man with a guitar and a pirate dance stood out amongst others. That man was Stevie Gray. A likeable and hilarious musical act, Stevie hails from Oldham. A place, as he describes, where “people eat Jaffa Cakes just for the vitamin C content”. 

It hasn’t always been a barrel of laughs for Stevie. Stories of hard work and long nights working his way around the circuit are a fascinating listen throughout this podcast. Combining this with a young son, a wife, a job and (where possible) a life is nothing short of amazing. I have the utmost respect for anyone walking a similar path.

Stevie Gray took his show “Arctic Monkeys Midlife Crisis” to Edinburgh Fringe – his first ever solo one hour show at the festival. He continues to tour with the show around the UK circuit, winning new friends and fans along the way. Has Stevie had a midlife crisis of his own yet? Have a listen and find out.


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