Matt Bragg Podcast – Edinburgh Fringe, Anger Management & Tabbouleh


Back in August 2019, Matt Bragg set out to do his first ever show at the Edinburgh Fringe. The show would be a combined effort between himself and fellow comedian Mark Row. Titled “So What?” the hour long show would combine a 30 minute set from each comedian. 

Recorded at The Canalhouse in Nottingham, this podcast centres on Matt’s adventures in stand up comedy. How he came to take to the stage in the first place, what drives him on to tour the country and how a Moroccan salad helped him get through the Fringe

In addition to tales of the night-to-night stand up, Matt offers advice for prospective comedians looking to take their first steps in comedy. All in all this was a fascinating insight into the world of a circuit comedian. Matt even lists his favourite service station in the entire country …well worth a listen!


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