The Tiny Bakery, Leicester


Artisan bread can be tricky to find in Leicester. With the high street domination of Greggs seemingly never coming to an end, we headed a little outside the city centre on our search. In the Clarendon Park area, the whispers suggested that there was a small bakery serving up top quality bread, cakes, pastries and coffee. 

The Tiny Bakery is exactly that, miniscule. We struggled a bit for parking as Clarendon Park is famously an area with tight streets and more parking restrictions than you can shake a stick at. We managed to find a spot a few streets away and walked to the bakery. 

The bakery does have seating in the window and just to the side of the door. Due to the size of the shop, the seating is bar style. How all of this fits into the space is anyone’s guess but The Tiny Bakery have made it work. We decided to check out the rather tempting display of pastries.

I’m a sucker for an almond croissant and luckily the croissants here are huge! In addition to regular, almond and even vegan croissants, there is also an apple crumble croissant. Such creativity with pastry is truly a sight to behold in Leicester. A small fridge to the side of the display is full of fresh cakes but strangely it was hard to see them due to no lighting in the fridge. 

We ordered up a mocha and a hot chocolate. I’m really into mocha at the moment and this one was up there with the best. A terrific blend of chocolate and coffee, minus the cream as i’m trying to be good. The cream instead sat on top of the hot chocolate which was beautifully rich. 

The pastries though were every bit as good as they looked. A pistachio and white chocolate danish pastry is a superb idea and even better when it comes filled with a rich pistachio paste. Undoubtedly this is one of the best pastries that we have tried in town. 

Almond croissants are one of my favourites and this one had been left with the filling oozing out. Many places would trim it off and discard it but why would you? The flavours coming from the frangipane were heavenly, especially with the added toasty flavour from the excess. The croissant itself was beautifully made, crisp and incredibly flaky. 

They do say that good things come in small packages and this is absolutely the case with The Tiny Bakery. Tiny it may be, but this place has some of the finest baked items anywhere in the city. We had a look at their wonderful selection of sourdough breads before selecting a piece of herb focaccia to take away. It ended up being the perfect souvenir. 

Opening Times: Monday-Friday 0830-1600, Saturday 0830-1430


Nearest Train Station: Leicester


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