The Tree, Leicester


Formerly known as The Orange Tree, the Tree is a completely renovated pub on Leicester’s High Street. A kind invitation for a media get together to go and check out both the pub and it’s menu got us very excited about seeing the new features.

Leicester Festival was in full swing just metres away at Jubilee Square, which meant that the pub was getting busy. Great early signs for the staff with bums on seats and a chilled out atmosphere building nicely. We arrived and were kindly ushered through to the rear of the pub. 

The dining area consists of a lovely spread of tables and chairs equally spaced apart. This may be a pub but dining has been carefully thought about, especially with the variety on the menus. We enjoyed a complimentary glass of Prosecco while we had a look at the food offerings. 

What struck us straight away was the choices on the vegan menu. With veganism becoming ever more popular, establishments serving food are really upping their game when it comes to providing vegan dishes. Taco’s, curry and pizza’s all came with mouth watering descriptions, enough to tempt even the hardiest meat eater. 

It was a wrench not to go for anything vegan but the Armin pizza, containing mozzarella, goats cheese, red onion chutney and rocket, had me hooked. Ali decided on Mac and Cheese throwing in bacon as an add-on at £1. A wise decision, as we all know, bacon makes everything taste better!

Prior to the main courses, we split a plate of BBQ wings with ranch dip between us. All the food arrived at the same time so we wasted no time in getting stuck in. Sticky wings with a sweet, tangy BBQ sauce are always a winner. These were juicy and fantastic paired with the sharp ranch dip. 

The pizza was a very decent size. Reminiscent of the huge pie that I had at The Three Crowns in nearby Wymeswold. The flavours of goats cheese, red onion chutney and rocket are simply meant to be together. Does it work on a pizza? You bet it does! The mozzarella helps to elevate the flavours from a salad to a pizza without a hitch. A delicious combination.

Mac and Cheese can either be ridiculously heavy or quite dry. The Tree’s kitchen team have hit this right on the sweet spot. The portion of macaroni glazed in a delicious cheese sauce, bubbling away on the table, was spot on. Adding bacon is indeed a smart idea and should be actively encouraged. 

The cocktails at The Tree are also worth a mention. We ordered up a couple of Aperol Spritz which were well made and on a par with those that we have tried previously in Venice. Judging by the full room at the back and standing room only towards the bar, this was the start of a very good thing for The Tree.

With the meals almost finished, we decided to head out to the back of the building to check out the beer garden. This is such a cool space and many people were sitting on the benches chilling out and enjoying the late evening sunshine. A further chat with the PR company that were putting the night on provided a great insight into their work. 

Overall, the food was a huge delight, the price was even better and everyone left happy. You can’t really get better than that for a recent opening. The Tree is in the perfect position, right beside the Highcross and amongst the bars and clubs of Leicester’s night scene. We can see nothing but great times ahead for The Tree and their team.

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Opening Times: Monday 1100-2300,Tuesday-Thursday 1100-0000,Saturday 1100-0100,        Sunday 1100-2230


Nearest Train Station: Leicester


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