Bottomless Brunch at The Hilton Hotel, Nottingham


After recently celebrating 100 years as an operational hotel chain, The Hilton welcomed us back for a newly launched experience – a Bottomless Prosecco Brunch. The Brunch is a 90 minute period of unlimited Prosecco and two courses of your choice.

Eton mess Bottomless brunch Nottingham Hilton
Eton mess

We returned to the scene of the celebrations for the 100 years party – The Bric Restaurant. Walking in here always feels good as the staff are friendly, the setting is relaxed yet smart and the food on our previous visit was very good indeed.

Bottomless brunch Nottingham Hilton

Lucia would be looking after us during our experience. It’s always a nice touch when the staff are happy to chat and take a keen interest in the menu. Our Prosecco arrived in a large ice bucket which is far easier than the staff having to keep filling up glass after glass.

Prosecco Bottomless brunch Nottingham Hilton

The menu features a mixture of sweet and savoury dishes.  Early morning favourites such as croque monsieur, omelette Arnold Bennett and scrambled eggs appear alongside Eton mess, pancakes and waffles.

Menu Bottomless brunch Nottingham Hilton

At a very reasonable price of £25 per person, this appears to be a good deal, but does the food match up? We opted to start savoury with two dishes – omelette Arnold Bennett and eggs royale.

I had seen omelette Arnold Bennett done previously at The Savoy in London. It is a classic omelette that is traditionally served with smoked haddock and a cheese sauce flavoured with mustard. The omelette arrived beautifully presented with the sauce on top with a small garnish of pea shoots.

Omelette Arnold Bennett
Omelette Arnold Bennett

The omelette was just perfect for how I like it. Soft and not the slightest bit rubbery as it can be when overcooked. A generous filling of fresh smoked haddock and cheese inside paired with the rich sauce on the outside resulted in the perfect combination of flavours and textures.

Omelette Bottomless brunch Nottingham Hilto
Omelette Arnold Bennett

Over the table, the eggs royale looked equally majestic. Two poached eggs on English muffins both layered with smoked salmon and finished with hollandaise sauce – yum! The seafood alternative to eggs benedict – soft runny yolk, quality smoked salmon and rich hollandaise sauce, all together, absolute heaven!

Eggs Royale Bottomless brunch Nottingham Hilton
Eggs Royale
Eggs Royale Bric Restaurant Nottingham
Eggs Royale

The Prosecco was also going down nicely. Often I find Prosecco to be quite dry and gassy with some varieties but this bottle of Bolla Prosecco had a slightly sweet taste to it. A great quality Prosecco and a great pairing with our meal.

Prosecco bric Restaurant Nottingham

Before our sweet courses arrived, the service asked if we would prefer them straight away or in a few minutes time. This is something that doesn’t usually happen in restaurants and I happen to quite like it. This gives the diner a more relaxed experience. Full credit has to go to The Hilton for that.

Our choices from the sweet category were Eton mess and Belgian waffles with bacon and maple syrup. The mess happened to be as far removed from a mess as you could possibly get – extremely neat in presentation of meringue, cream, fruit and ice cream.

Desserts Bottomless brunch Nottingham Hilton

A delicious vanilla cream with fresh berries, meringue and vanilla ice cream – a suitably seasonal dish with the summer approaching. This dessert paired wonderfully with the Prosecco. Many Eton mess versions can be quite heavy, this was light by comparison. Ideal for a Brunch menu.

Eton mess Bottomless brunch Nottingham Hilton
Eton mess Bottomless brunch Nottingham Hilton

The waffles, on the other hand, were not a light dish. Nor should they be. A gutsy mound of streaky bacon slathered in maple syrup on a crispy Belgian waffle is something to indulge yourself in.

Waffles and Bacon Bottomless brunch Nottingham Hilton
Waffles & Bacon

It’s quite possibly the first time that I have ever munched my way through this particular dish but my goodness it was good. Sweet, salty and savoury all in the same bite. No one flavour overpowered the other. This is comfort food done very well.

We came to the conclusion that we don’t do Brunch nearly as much as we should. To sit down in a nice space with a chilled glass of fizz and decent food is good for the soul. Full marks to The Hilton, Nottingham for a wonderful experience.

If you would like to add that special touch to your Bottomless Brunch experience then there is an option to add a glass of Champagne, Unlimited Beer or Prosecco and speciality Tea or Coffee for £35 total per person. The perfect way to spend any lazy afternoon.


Opening Times: (Brunch) 1200-1600 Daily

Nearest Train Station: Nottingham


  1. Wow! I actually can’t get over how beautiful these meals are, they look stunning. Sounds like the service was wonderful as well, which I think can really make or break an eating experience.


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