O P’tit Bahut, Bordeaux


Bordeaux’s backstreets provide some of the best offerings when it comes to simple cuisine and quality wine. O P’tit Bahut was being talked about before our trip so we decided to mark it down for a visit, little did we know what awaited us.

p'tit bahut bordeaux

P’tit is a good adjective for this place. I’m not sure I could swing a ‘chat’ in here, it really is a tiny room. However, as the saying goes “most good things come in small packages” and that was indeed true of the staff, they were lovely as most others had been during our time in the city.

menu p'tit bahut bordeaux

Perched on our high bar stools at the raised tables, the staff went through the menu. It must be an absolute doddle to work here. The menu comprised boards of good quality cheese, ham, charcuterie and salads. The only thing you really have to think about is the size as they come in small or large.

p'tit bahut bordeaux

The boards were themed according to regions. One that caught our eye straightaway was the Basque board featuring cuts of Spanish ham, chorizo and cheeses from the Basque country. I liked the look of the Savoyarde board featuring cheeses such as Beaufort and Reblochon.

menu p'tit bahut bordeaux

A small board will set you back around €17 with the larger ones in the region of €30. I dread to think what size a large board is but our two small boards were very generous. The cheeses and charcuterie were beautifully arranged around a large salad, perfect for a chilled out meal with our wine choices.

drinks menu p'tit bahut bordeaux

Speaking of wine, we had gone for two different glasses. A Bordeaux Supérieur 2015 La Piecelle – J Trocard at €4.50 and a glass of Saint Emilion Grand Cru 2012 – Château Tour Grand Faurie at €6.50. Both from the red category.

red wine p'tit bahut bordeaux

The Bordeaux Supérieur was a decent wine but the Saint Emilion was out of this world. This was easily the best wine that I had tasted during the trip. Smooth and fruity with very low tannin, this was my personal favourite and I would highly recommend anyone to try it.

red wine p'tit bahut bordeaux

It’s easy to forget how heavy cheese can be but we were soldiering on through the boards. Reblochon is superb melted in tartiflette but equally as good just as it is. The Beaufort reminded me a lot of Gruyere as did another cheese named Tomme de Savoie from The Alps.

p'tit bahut bordeaux
p'tit bahut bordeaux

The salad also, that comes with every board, was really well done. It’s simple food but when it’s done right and with quality ingredients you can’t fail to get it right. Full up on cheese and wine, we politely declined dessert and settled the bill.

cheese board p'tit bahut bordeaux

It may be a small place but O P’tit Bahut made a big impression on us. The way of just setting quality cheeses and meats onto a board and knowing that they are a straight knockout to anyone’s taste buds has to be a pleasure. The wine also was from the very top drawer and rounded off the experience perfectly.

menu p'tit bahut bordeaux

Opening Times: Monday 1200-1400, 1800-2200

  Wednesday 1800-2330

  Thursday 1200-1400, 1830-2230

  Friday 1200-1400, 1830-0000

  Saturday 1200-1430, 1830-0000

Sunday 1200-1400, 1800-0000

Nearest Tram: Porte de Bourgogne (Line C)


    • Thanks Savannah! This has to be the easiest place to work for in the world, just simple quality food and wine. A must for when you’re ever in Bordeaux!


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