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Vegan food continues to rise in popularity. The strength in the ‘vegan’ hashtag on both Twitter and Instagram is very much in the ascent. A man very much within this movement is looking to provide ready meal options for those choosing the vegan way of life, a man named Mitch and his kitchen.

Mitch's Kitchen

Mitch’s Kitchen offers meals by delivery to your door completely free of palm oil, gluten, nuts and pesticides all 100% vegan. Mitch kindly sent us a few meals to try via delivery from the ever dependable DPD. A convenient service that gives you a delivery slot and a way of tracking your parcel.

Mitch's Kitchen

With us being non-vegan this was unchartered territory. Our experience of ready meals had been the usual curries, pasta’s and suchlike – all of which contained meat or dairy. When the frozen meals arrived, the packaging was all recyclable. A real demonstration of care shown by Mitch’s Kitchen towards the environment.

Mitch's Kitchen

Coconut Kathal Masala

A North Indian curry is always something tasty in my experience. The inclusion of jackfruit and potatoes in a sauce containing aromatic spices was very tasty. For my taste it needed a little seasoning to bring the flavours alive but that was easily solved by adding a pinch of salt.

Coconut Kathal Masala Mitch's kitchen

Eating a curry without meat is something that we’re quite used to. Bombay potatoes and Saag Aloo are two examples of excellent non-meat Indian dishes. The full on vegan version was very good indeed with the red rice a perfect partner.

Chocolate Chilli

The chilli had a rich flavoured sauce with the inclusion of smoky tomato and dark chocolate but really there were a crazy amount of beans. Not being a particular fan of beans this was tricky to eat but if kidney and borlotti are your thing then you will love this.

chocolate chilli Mitch's kitchen

Again, a pinch of salt really helps bring out the flavours. The sweetcorn and coriander wholegrain rice was a really good accompaniment with great flavour.

Gardener’s Pie

This was one of our favourites. A take on a cottage pie with lentils replacing traditional beef mince. In the mix for the filling were also chestnut mushrooms to give a faux meaty element. The sauce on this was was a lovely blend of tomato and red wine.

Gardners Pie Mitchs Kitchen

Smooth mash, made light with soy milk, on top of the pie worked perfectly in tandem with the filling.The pie did take more in the region of 50 minutes to bake rather than the specified 35-40.

Sunkissed Pasta

Pasta can be a victim of the ready meal curse. A fair time in the oven cooking can turn an al-dente strand into mush, sadly that’s how this one ended up.

sunkissed pasta Mitch's Kitchen

There were some good flavours coming from the sun-blush tomato sauce but the texture was a real issue. With artichoke hearts, spaghetti and kale plus brown rice spaghetti all being baked together there is a tendency for them to go a little slimy.

Buckwheat Jambalaya

A nod to the south with this cajun number – an assortment of peppers, ‘chorizo’, saffron and spices all in a buckwheat bowl.

Buckwheat Jambalaya Mitchs Kitchen

Again, the beans were ever-present in the form of butter beans and kidney beans. I worked my way around them and found the flavour lacking in this one compared to others. The slice of lemon on the side had pretty much dried out in the oven.

Moroccan Tagine

I was really excited about this one, a blend of aubergine, courgette, butternut squash and toasted chickpeas. The sauce and garnishes comprised of red lentils, apricots, goji berries, diced mint and tri-colour quinoa rice.

Moroccan Tagine mitch's kitchen

Flavour-wise the dish delivered on the depth of spices found traditionally in good Moroccan cooking. The texture of the slimy aubergine and courgette wasn’t my favourite but the chickpeas and lentils along with the rice really stood out.

Each meal at 450g costs £6.75 with a double portion coming in at £9.98. The service and care that has gone into the packaging and preparation of the meals has got to be admired. For two meat eaters trying these products for the first time, we were pleasantly surprised.

You can order your meals from Mitch’s Kitchen using the link

AD – Gifted – We were sent six meals in exchange for an honest review.


  1. This is so helpful! I’ll definitely have to check out Mitch’s Kitchen as I’m interested in trying to vegan alternatives so I can start implementing “Meat Free Mondays” into my lifestyle. Thanks for sharing.
    El x

    • Hi Elen! These are really good vegan alternatives and as mentioned, the service is excellent from Mitch. Well worth going for! Thank you for for your kind words.


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