Restaurant Melodie, Bordeaux


“Bonjour, je voudrais un table pour….” let me just stop you there. This is Restaurant Melodie, the chances of a walk in spot at this hole in the wall in Bordeaux are virtually nil. Therefore, reservations are an absolute must. We secured ours online and headed to this much talked about restaurant.

Restaurant Melodie, Bordeaux

The reason for the popularity could be due to the pricing of the menu. For just €20 you can enjoy three courses at Melodie and for a handful of euros more, a glass of fine wine. The restaurant well located within a stones throw of the famous Place de la Bourse.

Restaurant Melodie, Bordeaux

Tucked away down a sidestreet, you could easily walk past Restaurant Melodie if you weren’t looking for it. The restaurant is no wider than a corridor with seating all the way down the sides. It’s a cosy place run by very friendly people who speak superb English.

Restaurant Melodie, Bordeaux

Naturally, there’s always one British person that lets the nation down. A smug young man decided to announce his intention to place his order in French rather loudly. The waiter, no doubt disgruntled with having to tend to a full restaurant, patiently waited.

Menu, Restaurant Melodie, Bordeaux

The waiter then played an absolute blinder. The young lad ordered ‘LUH STEAK SIVOO PLAY’ and the waiter replied ‘and how would you like that cooked?’ leaving the man dumbstruck and frantically flicking through his mental phrase book ultimately admitting defeat. Brilliance.

wine menu Restaurant Melodie, Bordeaux

We saved the waiter a lot of hassle by ordering our three courses at the same time. There are three choices per course, all of which sounded delicious. For the starter, I had to go with foie gras terrine with Ali opting for Saint-Nectaire cheese with bacon.

Restaurant Melodie, Bordeaux

The foie gras was buttery and indulgent but the cheese did make me a little jealous. Saint-Nectaire cheese is almost like Camembert, very good when melted with baguette slices on the side to dunk.

Foie gras Restaurant Melodie, Bordeaux

Our wine choice was a very good one indeed. We went for two glasses of Château La Lande from Medoc at €6 each. A beautifully smooth red and superb with my main course – a Parmentier de Canard.

Red Wine, Restaurant Melodie, Bordeaux

I wouldn’t really associate the French with Shepherd’s Pie but this is exactly what it was. A sublime combination of slow cooked confit duck topped with smooth, rich mash with a parmesan tuile for company on the top. Delicious!

Restaurant Melodie, Bordeaux

Across the table there was even more duck. This time a breast of duck with sauce bordelaise. I had really wanted to try the steak version this complete with the famous bordelaise sauce – a sauce made from shallots, red wine and herbs.

Duck Restaurant Melodie, Bordeaux

This sauce was incredible and a perfect partner for the duck. Even better, a top tip is to add a bit of the sauce onto the parmentier so it becomes like Shepherd’s Pie and gravy – yum! The loudmouth across the room even stole that tip as he saw me pouring the sauce over my main.

Restaurant Melodie, Bordeaux

As always in France, desserts are always something to look forward to. I bravely ordered Tarte Tatin, I say bravely because my last experience of Tarte Tatin at La Maison des Tetes in Colmar was less than satisfactory.

Restaurant Melodie, Bordeaux

Thank goodness the folks here at Melodie know how to make a quality apple tart. Caramelised puff pastry and sweet apples with a side of cream, you just can’t beat it. This was one of the best versions from my journeys throughout France.

Restaurant Melodie, Bordeaux

Jealousy once again reared its ugly head as a salted caramel creme brulee landed across the table. The double layer of caramelised sugar provided an audible crack when whacked with a spoon. The set custard underneath was to die for. Smooth and full of flavour, this is the dessert to order.

sea salted creme brûlée Restaurant Melodie, Bordeaux

Full of food and extremely satisfied, we settled the bill and disappeared into the night. I don’t think that there is a better restaurant for value versus quality anywhere in Bordeaux. The reservation process is simple, the staff are wonderful and the food is straightforward delicious. Restaurant Melodie is a solid option when in Bordeaux.

Restaurant Melodie, Bordeaux

Opening Times: Monday & Tuesday – 1900-2230

  Wednesday & Thursday – 1200-1430, 1900-2230

        Friday – Sunday 1200-1430, 1900-2300

Nearest Tram: Porte de Bourgogne (Line C)




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