Battery Park & The Staten Island Ferry


Did you know that you can see The Statue of Liberty completely free of charge? But how? Simply hop on a free ferry service to Staten Island from Battery Park. It really is that easy.

statue of liberty New York Staten Island Ferry

Getting to the ferry terminus is simple by subway. Head to Staten Island Ferry stop which links directly to the terminus. Ferries come in every 15-30 minutes with the crossing over to Staten Island taking 25 minutes.

Staten Island ferry New York

The Statue of Liberty is always near the top of any visitor to New York’s itinerary. For me, this is the best way by far to view the statue. You can take a boat out to Liberty Island to get a closer view but it will cost you $18.50.

Staten Island ferry New York

When getting on at Battery Park, adopt the strategy of heading to the right hand side of the boat for the best views of The Statue of Liberty. The seating is plentiful both inside, should the weather let you down, or out on deck for flawless views of the Manhattan skyline.

Staten Island ferry New York statue of liberty New York Staten Island Ferry

Once you reach Staten Island, there’s not a great deal really going on. Unless you have any business there just grab the ferry straight back to Manhattan, free of course. Just in case you missed the statue the first time around, grab the left hand side of the ferry for the perfect view.


Coming back, the Manhattan skyline is just majestic. A true highlight of any trip to New York – and all for the princely sum of $0. Don’t head away from the ferry terminal without visiting the beautiful Battery Park.

Staten Island ferry New York Battery Park New York

A tranquil spot away from the chaos of downtown New York, the park is the perfect escape. A poignant monument in the shape of an eternal flame to honour the victims of the September 11th terror attacks stops you in your tracks and stirs emotion. A flawless distance view of The Statue of Liberty across the water is perfect on a clear day.

Battery Park New York

For a free attraction, this has to be top of the list in New York. A ride across the bay, a perfect view of New York’s most famous statue plus a flawless panoramic of the Manhattan skyline – an experience not to be missed.


Nearest Subway Station: Staten Island Ferry






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