Around The World in 80 Gins


Gin is taking off in the UK in a big way. Never before has this product been so popular with so many different varieties now available. One company, based in Leicestershire, is taking its customers on a tour around the planet through the wonders of gin – Around The World in 80 Gins.

around the world in 80 gins

Cat and Jay are the founders of Around The World in 80 Gins. An idea that stemmed from Jay putting together a gin box for every month in the year of Cat’s 30th birthday – he certainly sounds like a keeper!

around the world in 80 gins

So what can you expect in the box? Aside from the mandatory gin there is also a flavoured tonic to compliment the gin, a sweet or savoury snack, some infusions and also a gift. Unlike most companies there is no subscriptions and everything is tailored to the customers requirements.

around the world in 80 gins

Opening up our box, we couldn’t have been happier. A bottle of Old Raj gin, a British gin with saffron and a real influence from India in the spicing. With the mix containing cassia bark, coriander, lemon and orange peel and of course juniper. The saffron gave the gin a slightly golden tint.

around the world in 80 gins

Also in the box we had a twin pack of bubbles for gin. These are quite similar to those used in molecular gastronomy providing a ‘pop’ in the mouth with an intense lemon or blueberry flavour depending on which bubbles you choose to add to the drink.

around the world in 80 gins

A small bag of infusions is also perfect for complementing the gin and really enhancing the flavours within the drink. Our bag contained similar spices and flavourings to the flavour profile of the Old Raj gin.

around the world in 80 gins

Our gourmet snack was a nod to Scotland – a pack of Nairns cheese flavour oatcakes. Ideal to nibble on while sipping our gin cocktail. For the recommended way to drink this particular gin, check out the recipe below.

To serve one person, you will need…

25ml Old Raj Gin

150ml Ginger Ale (we used Fever Tree)

1 Long strip of Orange Peel

Ice, to serve

Gin Bubbles, to serve

1.Fill a wine glass with ice cubed and roll the orange peel into a spiral. Place the peel into the glass and add the gin.

2. Top up the glass with the ginger ale and pour in the bubbles. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

around the world in 80 gins
around the world in 80 gins

The cocktail was simple and from the actual serving suggestion provided by Around The World in 80 Gins. The gin itself is extremely aromatic and a far cry from any regular gin. You can really pick up the citrus notes and the aroma from the saffron.

around the world in 80 gins

The bubbles are a lot of fun. The intense flavour as the skin pops is superb and transforms a regular drink to something very special. Overall this has to be my new favourite way to drink gin.

around the world in 80 gins

A gin box from Around The World in 80 Gins costs just £40 with postage and packaging completely free of charge. I don’t think a better offer exists for the quality of product such as this. Treat a loved one or even yourself to a superb gin experience.




  1. This is such a fun box, I had never heard of it before! I wish I could find something like this here in Canada because I would be all over it!


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