Aligre Market


One of the most famous markets in the entire city and one of the largest, The Aligre Market sits proudly in the Bastille neighbourhood of Paris. Every day Parisians and tourists alike flock to this produce market in search of some of the best fresh food around.

marche d'aligre paris

The Aligre is predominantly a produce market. Outside on the Rue d’Aligre, you will find a seemingly never ending mass of stalls selling the freshest fruit and vegetables in numerous varieties.


Inside, there is a market selling flowers and crafts – The Marche Beauvau. Outside is where the action is though. The street is also home to butchers shops and cafes to complete the ultimate Parisian shopping experience.

marche d'aligre paris

Where to start? Well, we headed towards the bottom end of the market to begin with. Stallholders were loud, friendly and proud to show off their products. One stallholder in particular had a rather unique way of grabbing your attention by loudly screaming “OH MY GOD” before holding out a mango for you to try.

marche d'aligre paris

We weren’t just here to gaze at the array of produce, we actually needed some food for the evening’s meal. Our apartment in St Germain came equipped with a decent kitchen, a lifesaver when in Paris. We began the search for mushrooms.

It could be a seasonal thing but barely any stalls had mushrooms. That was until I reached the stall of probably the most stereotypical Frenchman ever with a flat cap and a cigarette in his mouth. “Combien pour les champignons, s’il vous plaît monsieur?” I asked.

marche d'aligre paris

“Un Euro” he replied. A decent price for a punnet of small mushrooms perfect for a Coq au Vin later. Just as I had paid for my produce something caught my eye at the side of the stand. “Et aussi, combien pour des fraises?” “€2.50” Sold!


marche d'aligre paris

I have to say that there are some great bargains to be had at this market. A lot of the food is very similar across the board but it is a real chef’s market. The quality is, for the most part, very good indeed. The further up the Rue d’Aligre that you go, the better the stalls become.


You might be wondering about the lack of photos in this article. Previous would-be photographers and vloggers have upset the stallholders at the market when taking pictures of either them or their products, the reason being? Well, some stallholders may have paperwork issues lets just say.

marche d'aligre paris

So you may shoot sneaky snaps from a distance but the real action is up close. The Aligre Market is the perfect introduction to shopping Parisian style. A great way also to save yourself some money and enjoy quality food for a low price. It really did make the difference for the evening meal, I can tell you.


Opening Times: Tuesday – Saturday 0900-1300,1600-1930

                          Sunday 0900-1330


Nearest Metro: Ledru Rollin



    • Hi Emma, this market is kind of intimidating to begin with as very little English is spoken but the stallholders are so nice and the products are insanely good, well worth checking out – plus the Bastille area has some awesome bistros.


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