The Bar at Fortnum and Mason, Heathrow Terminal 5



Before every long haul flight, there has to be a moment of tranquility. A moment when the holiday truly begins. A glass of champagne and something tasty to go with it, what could be more perfect? Step forward The Bar at Fortnum and Mason in Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5.

the bar at heathrow t5 fortnum and mason

Terminal 5 was absolute bedlam mid-morning. Heathrow Terminal 5 has a departure board longer than the queue at security. You can seemingly fly anywhere and everywhere from London’s main airport – we were heading to South America. First stop: Rio de Janeiro.


As mentioned in the opening paragraph, we had to begin the holiday properly. The choices of places to do this in T5 are numerous. We were almost sucked in by Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food but a gleaming beacon in the centre of the madness caught our eye.

the bar at heathrow t5 fortnum and mason

The Bar at Fortnum and Mason is one of those classy pop-ups that you expect to find in any swish department store or international airport. A large round bar with stool seating and individual set places along with bottles of champagne within easy reach, our kind of place.


The prices aren’t exactly astronomical but it very much depends on how lavish you are feeling. You can go for a simple piece of toast with Fortnum’s special preserve for £4.50 or give your credit card a good bashing by adding Iranian Beluga Caviar to your toast for up to £680.

the bar at heathrow t5 fortnum and mason

We took a long hard look at the Champagne and Cocktails menu and decided to go with a glass of both. Champagne Blanc des Blancs Grand Cru at £13 for a glass paired with a Floral Fizz cocktail at £12.50, both fizzy and fantastic.


Food was the next head scratcher. The choices on the breakfast menu were most appealing. I decided on a long-time favourite, a Croque Monsieur with Dijon Mustard at £10. For the lady, a dish of Smoked Salmon with Creme Fraiche and Rye Bread at £14.

the bar at heathrow t5 fortnum and mason

God bless Fortnum’s for serving a Croque Monsieur the way it should be. Lashings of Dijon Mustard in a large sauce boat and a bubbling cheesy mass of deliciousness. This was a proper treat and well worth paying out for.


The Salmon was a little more elegant in appearance than my offering but by no means lacking in the flavour department. A generous portion of Smoked Salmon flanked by equally generous slices of crisp Rye Bread and top quality Creme Fraiche is something very special – even the lemon half came wrapped in muslin to prevent any pips falling into your food.

the bar at heathrow t5 fortnum and mason

It’s almost a wrench to have to then get on your actual plane. We really enjoyed our time here at The Bar at Fortnum and Mason. The staff are both friendly and professional. The food is of a high standard with good quality ingredients and generous portions. It’s the ideal way to begin any holiday.


Opening Times: Daily 0530-2200





    • Hi Deborah! They do serve food very well here as it is Fortnum and Mason. The presentation is one thing but the flavour is equally as good! It certainly was a great experience.


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