Awesome Chips, Leicester


Awesome Chips, Leicester

Anywhere with ‘Awesome’ in the title has to be good right? We checked out an eatery close to Leicester’s Haymarket Centre that always has queues going right down the street – Awesome Chips.

Based on the Amsterdam concept of chips with various sauces and toppings, Awesome Chips have brought their own take on this to the city of Leicester. The open fronted shop displays a huge menu of various additions to jazz up your cone of chips – even decorated with bags of the very potatoes the chips are made from.

Awesome Chips, LeicesterAwesome Chips, Leicester

We instantly realised the ordering system here is simple. You line up on the right side of the counter to place your order then you join an Argos-style waiting scrum to pick up your order. The cones come in various sizes – small, regular and large.

You can accessorize your cone by adding sauces and seasoning powders. We were offered the sauce either on top of the cone or with the chips slathered in it. We chose to have our sauce, in this case satay, on top. The reason being that the coated chips looked incredibly soggy when caked in the sauce.

Awesome Chips, LeicesterAwesome Chips, Leicester

Good news for vegans craving a cone full of carbs – these chips are not only vegan friendly but there is an option for vegan mayo as well as vegan cheese, so everyone’s happy. Our large cone, we figured, we could easily share between us – in truth, we could have fed the street.

This thing was massive! Covered in a good helping of satay peanut sauce this was £6.45 well spent. How about those chips then? Well the good news is that they are 100% made fresh. You can see the staff in the back manically pressing potatoes through the chipper at a rapid pace. One part of a huge production line needed to bang out the mounting orders.

Awesome Chips, LeicesterAwesome Chips, Leicester

Were the chips awesome though? Hmm, they weren’t bad. Decent for a snack or easy lunch depending on the size you get but they were alright. The sauce on top was perfect and funnily enough a favourite in Amsterdam.

It’s a great idea for a fast food place by Awesome Chips. It’s also worth noting that branches in London and Birmingham are also up and running as well as Leicester. In Leicester though, Awesome Chips are doing great business – long may it continue.


Opening Times: Monday – Saturday 1000-2000

                         Sunday 1030-1900


Nearest Train Station: Leicester


  1. Great review! I live in York and there’s actually a very similar place like this called King Chips that has the exactly the same concept! The portion size is huge and it’s good to know you enjoyed them! 🙂


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