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Crazy Golf, cocktails and street food all in one place? Oh yeah! This is Caddyshackers, a brand new place in Leicester at which you can enjoy a round of golf along with many rounds of drinks.

caddyshackers leicester

Location could be an early potential stumbling block for Caddyshackers. Down a small side street off the main stretch of Granby Street, the bar is tucked away behind a graffiti marked door. Luckily there are signs from the main road to guide you there.


There’s a certain warehouse vibe to this place – like laser tag meets an underground garage. It’s a deceptively large space as the bar area opens out into a huge area complete with seating, golf stations and a little further on there’s an area with pool tables.

caddyshackers leicester

As this was the launch night, our round of golf was free of charge. Once Caddyshackers are open fully, a round of golf will set you back £10 per person with further offers for groups and drinks available also, very reasonable indeed.

caddyshackers leicester

We sat down to a cocktail named ‘Sex on The Green’ based of course on the classic ‘Sex on The Beach’ – a very good cocktail it was too. Pizza is also a feature of this place with a proper wood-fired oven banging out some excellent pies at around the £7-9 mark, even a vegan offering which I have to say was very good indeed.

caddyshackers leicester

caddyshackers leicester

Heading to the golf station to collect our balls and clubs, we were delighted to see an area for hanging up coats and bags. In the same system as a nightclub, you just hand over your items and receive a ticket for when you collect them afterwards.

caddyshackers leicester

The course itself is 18 holes, all of which are themed. First up, we had to navigate a pub lounge set up with the obstacles proving tricky. It was so much fun and everyone was laughing and getting into the competitive spirit of the evening, a great laugh was had.

caddyshackers leicester

One hole is even dedicated to Leicester City Football Club, one of the harder ones as well! Some holes are a genuine test of patience and ability but luckily everyone was there for a laugh and not doing their best Tiger Woods impression. You also get a scorecard before you begin to keep track of your progress.

caddyshackers leicester

Props and tables are around to rest your drinks on while you head around the course along with seating. The holes often zig-zag around the bar area anyway so you can call a brief pause to your round at any time. A lot of thought and effort has gone into this place and it shows.

caddyshackers leicester

I finished off the round by knocking in a hole in one on the 18th. The perfect end to my session. A winners podium sits by the 18th and I raised my club proudly – a putt well worth celebrating!

caddyshackers leicester

Overall, I believe that this bar will be a success in the city. No other place is like it and no other bar really offers the kind of fun and experience that Caddyshackers does. I can’t honestly see anyone getting bored of it.


The ideal clientele undoubtedly would be groups. Work bonding or corporate days out would be ideal to hold at Caddyshackers. It’s a laid back, fun environment with good food and drink. A system on the website hints towards booking slots for golf which makes a lot of sense as queues were forming rapidly towards the end.

caddyshackers leicester caddyshackers leicester caddyshackers leicester caddyshackers leicester

Well done to Caddyshackers for bringing a unique concept to the Leicester bar scene. We have already spoken about going back and I don’t think that it’ll be long before we’re heading around the course again – fore!




Opening Times: Monday – Friday 1500-0000

                       Saturday – Sunday 1200-0000


Nearest Train Station: Leicester


  1. Caddyshackers is such a funny name but at least it’s memorable! This sounds like such a fun place and wood fire pizza is right up my street and for such a great price! I’m wishing I lived closer so I could check this place out!

    Soph – x

  2. This place looks amazing! I love the different themes for the holes. Though I think I’d be absolutely shocking at golf after a couple of cocktails.


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