The Bertinet Bakery, Bath


The Bertinet Bakery, Bath

Somewhere on my vast bookshelf is a cookery book dedicated to pastry. This book is by a man called Richard Bertinet, owner of a bakery in the side streets of Bath. Bertinet’s book is simple and informative and has always stayed in my mind. I headed to his bakery while in Bath to check out his work.


I was surprised to find the bakery severely lacking in cakes. Why? Well, quite simply Bertinet is a master when it comes to bread. Hailing originally from Brittany, France, After training in London, Richard brought top class French bread across the channel to Bath back in 2005 setting up The Bertinet Kitchen.

The Bertinet Bakery, Bath

As well as the bakery, Richard also runs a cookery school in Bath. Sadly we didn’t find Richard at the bakery but we encounter a very friendly assistant and a giant chalkboard of products.


The sourdough loaves caught our eye straight away. We grabbed a smaller loaf for £3.50. Never before have I seen such attractive bread, the work of a real master.

The Bertinet Bakery, Bath

We also headed around the corner to Waitrose there’s simply no escaping Bertinet. His bread lines the shelves here dressed in fancy packaging. We couldn’t resist picking up a Provencal loaf.


Eating the Provencal bread by Bath Abbey was spectacular. The view was almost as good as the loaf. An airy crust and soft centre perfumed by rosemary and olive oil – this is some of the best bread for miles around.

The Bertinet Bakery, Bath

I kept the Sourdough for when we arrived home. When I sliced into it and slathered West Country butter all over it, the flavour was absolute heaven. Hands down the finest bread that i’ve ever tasted – Hat’s off to Bertinet!


Opening Times: Monday – Friday 0800-1700

                         Saturday 0800-1730


Nearest Train Station: Bath Spa



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