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Wrapchic Leicester

Continuing on from our stop at The Olive and the free wine tasting at Majestic, we were on a mini street food tour of Leicester. The aromas coming out of Wrapchic on Leicester’s Gallowtree Gate were enough to entice us in to try it out.


The manager met us with a smile and explained the concept of the place. My mind was slightly blown by the idea of Indian/Mexican fusion food – it all sounds like a lot of time spent on the toilet. Childish jokes aside, the food did look very cleverly done.

Wrapchic Leicester

It’s based around using Indian fillings in Mexican dishes for the most part – think chicken curry quesadillas or paneer burritos. Speaking of burritos, that’s the direction that I was leaning towards.

Wrapchic Leicester

Paneer is something that I discovered while munching my way through a paneer masala dosa at Dosa World, Brick Lane in London. The squeaky Indian cottage cheese is bland until you bring it to life with clever spicing, this results in something other worldly, vegetarian food taken up a level.


Having the option of guacamole on my burrito didn’t sit well with me, so I opted for sour cream. Maybe one day i’ll be brave enough to take my fusion that little step further but sour cream won on this occasion.

Wrapchic Leicester

The food is freshly prepared with a short waiting time involved – no bad thing with the smells from the kitchen to keep you company. The burrito arrived wrapped tightly in foil, it’s like unwrapping a present on christmas morning getting to the good stuff.


As I bit into the burrito, the spice bit me straight back. Wow this thing is tingly. It’s perfect if you like a bit of heat but anyone who can’t handle a tikka masala might want to think twice about going full throttle with the spicing on their order.

Wrapchic Leicester

The flavour though? Bang on. The freshness of the paneer filling is superb and the filling is really packed in to the max. So much so that some of it ended up on my shoes – that’ll teach me for over-eagerness to tear off the foil in future!


Wrapchic seem to be doing very well for themselves. The manager informed us that plans are in the pipeline for a new store at Fosse Park, just outside the city centre. The cost is in line with many other standard places for lunches in the city centre, which is probably why Wrapchic is popular with the local office workers.

Wrapchic Leicester

I really can’t wait to get back to Wrapchic to try more flavours and combinations in their fusion range. It’s a clever concept and works far better than words on here could actually describe. For a good value lunch on the go in Leicester, there’s few better options.


Opening Times: Monday – Wednesday 0830-2000

  Thursday – Friday 0800-2200

  Saturday 0900-1900

                         Sunday 1000-1800


Website: https://wrapchic.co.uk


Nearest Train Station: Leicester


  1. Just had a Mexican/Chinese place pop up in my city. Wasn’t for sure what to think when I heard about this. This gives me a much better idea of what they may serve. I’d probably like the burrito you had since I’m a fan of spicy food.


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