Lyon Vlog Day 1: Full Article featuring Rhone Express, Metro, Fourviere, Bocuse Restaurant



So here it is! My debut in the world of travel vlogging. In this video we head off to Lyon, France. A place that I have always thought of heading to but it took two return flights at £25 each to finally get me to say yes.


Of course, watch and enjoy the above video but here’s an intended breakdown to give you more background to the places that we went and the food that we enjoyed. I really would appreciate it if you would subscribe to my channel as i’m really enjoying putting together these videos.


The Rhone Express

Lyon Vlog Day 1


This is near enough the only option of getting from Lyon Airport to Lyon Part Dieu – the central train station. Tickets can be purchased here at for a huge saving compared to buying them on the day from either the machines or on board.


If you arrive in Terminal 1, like we did, follow the signs over to the Rhone Express station. The trams arrive every 15 minutes.


The trams are also very comfortable with plenty of space to store luggage. There’s even free Wifi on board!


The Lyon Metro

Lyon Vlog Day 1

Metro tickets in Lyon can be purchased from the automated machines, if machines are out of service on one side of the station, simply head over to an alternative entrance – staff are also on hand to help and have a decent grasp of English.


A single trip is €1.90 and a 24 hour ticket is €5.80. To navigate the menu on the machines there is a roller just below the screen. Multiple languages are available also. Your ticket is also valid on buses and trams.


Some trains on the metro are driverless which allows for more space, these are especially prominent on metro line C.


Fourviere Funicular

Lyon Vlog Day 1

One of the most beautiful and popular sights in Lyon is Fourviere. A large Basilica dominates the Lyon skyline overlooking the city – an amazing vantage point if ever there was one. One question though, how do you get here?


There is a funicular which takes you up the hillside directly to the Basilica. Simply follow the signs for ‘Fourviere Funicular’ at Vieux Lyon metro station (Line C) and enjoy a ride up the hillside.


The funicular is part of the metro system so your ticket covers you for the journey – if you are travelling with a single ticket you may need another single ticket for the return journey. These can be bought from the ticket machines in exactly the same way as a normal ticket at any station.


As I mentioned in the video, the funicular gets very busy very quickly so do go early if you want an easy ride. Saying that, the funiculars are regular so waiting times shouldn’t be too long, the ride itself only takes 10 minutes.


Restaurant Marguerite Paul Bocuse

Lyon Vlog Day 1

Around the corner from our hotel we were stunned to discover that there was a restaurant belonging to the Paul Bocuse group. What was even better is that the place was actually open on a Sunday! Something that appeared to be a rare occurrence in Lyon.


This restaurant is definitely one of the more affordable in the name of Bocuse – three courses on the set menu comes in at just €35.70, plus you can choose any dessert that you like from the a la carte, inclusive of the price.


We also picked out a bottle of Bordeaux Chateau de Picaud red wine for just €29.50. A beautiful wine to go with the stunning dining room, this place really has a special feel about it.

Lyon Vlog Day 1

The waiters also spoke English which really helped at the few points that we struggled a bit (i’m blaming lack of sleep and a long day of travelling!) the service were also really professional and friendly.


The Caesar Salad, to begin with, was fresh and tasty. A generous size of portion too! Our mains were a huge veal chop with ratatouille and crispy potatoes along with sea bass, polenta chips and a puree of persillade.


Lyon Vlog Day 1

The chop was huge! Again a nod to the generosity of Lyons chefs towards the diner. The chop was perfectly cooked and the garnish of ratatouille tasted fresh and well cooked. Crispy potatoes with a scattering of chives made for the ideal side dish.

Lyon Vlog Day 1

Sea bass, much like the veal, was spot on in terms of cooking. The real star was the puree of what I believe to be garlic, parsley and parmesan – sublime! The polenta chips are a new one on us but much like everything else they were delicious.

Lyon Vlog Day 1

Puddings were a tough choice in the end but we went for rum baba and a chocolate cake. The baba came flanked by a whole bottle of Havana rum – you choose how much you like to soak your sponge in. The chocolate cake was expertly cut along with a crunchy base and whipped cream.

Lyon Vlog Day 1

Both desserts were rich and typically French, this is exactly what you come to France for. Throw that diet firmly out of the window!


You can catch my videos in this Lyon 2018 series uploaded every Wednesday and Sunday at 6pm (UK time).



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