The Luna Outdoor Cinema at Chatsworth House


The Luna Outdoor Cinema, Chatsworth House

The recent heatwave in the UK has got us Brit’s outside more than ever this year. One of the best and most unique ways to enjoy the warm summer nights is to set out a picnic, grab a camping chair and go to watch a film. Which is precisely what we did.

Luna Outdoor Cinema runs during the summer months giving a unique opportunity to film fans. Some of the most picturesque venues in the UK get transformed into a makeshift movie theatre complete with big screen, catering and projector. A fantastic idea.

The Luna Outdoor Cinema, Chatsworth House The Luna Outdoor Cinema, Chatsworth House

We managed to secure some complimentary tickets for The Greatest Showman, starring Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron, at Chatsworth House – one of the jewels of The Peak District in Derbyshire.

Heatwave there may have been, but the weather forecast was not in our favour. Thunder and showers had been reported as a possibility during the showing which made for a tense drive up the M1.

Rain began to dance menacingly on my windscreen as we pulled up the magnificent driveway to Chatsworth House. Many films have been shot here including Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth. It really is a striking scene.

The Luna Outdoor Cinema, Chatsworth House The Luna Outdoor Cinema, Chatsworth House

The procession of cars to get into the venue was astonishing, we really hadn’t anticipated the quantity of people for this event. As it turned out, the evening was a complete sell out – it showed!

Parking wasn’t an issue in the end, it was also free of charge for the event. Queues formed at both the bottom and top end of the slope with people grasping camping chairs and coolboxes. A real festival kind of atmosphere.

As we were on the guest list, we checked with a member of staff at the top of the slope who then informed us that we would need to head to the bottom end. Luckily our names appeared on the list and we were in!

The Luna Outdoor Cinema, Chatsworth House

The backdrop to the screen was just incredible. The rolling hills of The Peak District and Chatsworth Estate with the grandeur of the house itself. Catering was in the form of a truck selling hot dogs and fries plus a couple of pop up bars. We bought two cans of Estrella at £3.50 each.

The Luna Outdoor Cinema, Chatsworth House

Many people didn’t need the catering services. Picnics were the order of the day and it was great to see so many people make the effort. Blankets and camping chairs filled the lawn as everyone cracked open beers and prosecco, it was lovely to see.

The film began and so did the rain, a scattering of showers had people reaching for their jackets and umbrellas. Luckily the rain passed almost as quickly as it had began. The Greatest Showman was in full flow.

The Luna Outdoor Cinema, Chatsworth House

I don’t know if it’s the magic of the venue or the atmosphere but this film is well worth a watch. I’m no fan of musicals but this was captivating. Hugh Jackman plays P.T Barnum, a man down on his luck until he purchases a museum which then becomes a circus.

The Luna Outdoor Cinema, Chatsworth House

I won’t spoil the ending but what i will say is that the film is captivating and covers the interest of all ages. Families present were loving it and even joining in with some of the musical scores. It went towards creating a memorable evening.

The Luna Outdoor Cinema, Chatsworth House

It almost seemed a shame for it to end. The evening had been an absolute success and we can’t praise Luna Outdoor Cinema enough. It definitely felt like more of an event than just a run of the mill cinema experience. We can’t wait to try another – make sure you catch a showing before the summer ends. It’s an experience not to be missed!



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