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Sn-ap coach Leicester to London

Fancy a new route to London? Well forget your National Express’s and Megabus, give Sn-ap a go, just as we did. So, who are Sn-ap? Well, truth be told, we didn’t know. As it turns out, Sn-ap are the new boys in town when it comes to coach travel to the capital. New routes have opened across the country heading towards London – for a very good price.

This opportunity with Sn-ap was practically tailor-made for us. Everything we love about travel was encapsulated in this trip – cost effective travel, London and the opportunity to have a great time while in the capital courtesy of Sn-ap.

One real plus right off the bat with Sn-ap is location. In the very heart of the city centre for both pick up and drop off points unlike heading to a specific coach station. Our pick up was at Bonners Lane, just off Welford Road in Leicester.

Sn-ap coach Leicester to London

The good points just kept on coming as Sn-ap text you updates of your coach registration, expected time of arrival and even give you access to an interactive map to track your coach, similar to a parcel delivery. Our coach was running a few minutes late, which the driver later explained on the way was due to an electric fault on a previous vehicle, it was decent of him to inform the passengers.

With Britain in the grip of a heatwave, air conditioning is a real must on a long coach journey. While many are intermittent to non-existent, Sn-ap coaches go for the more premium end of the scale – your coach will definitely have solid, functioning air con. This was a godsend with temperatures outside tickling 30C.

Sn-ap coach Leicester to London Sn-ap coach Leicester to London

One thing Sn-ap coaches could do with is a socket to charge phones and laptops but that’s really picking at what is a quality experience for an unbelievably low price. As we carried on down the M1 towards London the ride was smooth, chilled and surprisingly spacious. With the service being so new and wanting to promote itself, the early days are going to turn out empty seats here and there.

Sn-ap are working incredibly hard to promote and market their coach experience. One real key point is the variety of inner-city locations that you can be dropped off at. With National Express it’s pretty much Victoria Coach Station or nothing. With Sn-ap you have a choice of Finchley Park Station, Chalk Farm Station, Camden High Street or Covent Garden.

Sn-ap coach Leicester to LondonSn-ap coach Leicester to LondonSn-ap coach Leicester to LondonOur journey came to its end at Covent Garden, the final stop. Given that there was moderately busy traffic in and around London plus roadworks, the coach got us to our location in just two and a half hours, on par with National Express’s fastest times. You can’t say fairer than that now, can you?

Sn-ap coach Leicester to LondonSn-ap coach Leicester to London

So, what do we have? A comfortable ride, a great price and a drop off in the heart of the city. Sn-ap get a huge thumbs up from us. We wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. Incidentally, if you are heading to Covent Garden, the coach drops you off at 22 Kingsway and for the return journey you head directly over the road outside Pret a Manger.

Sn-ap coach Leicester to London

We so want Sn-ap to become a success. This is a company that have been a pleasure to work with and in terms of ideas, they are on exactly the right path. Choosing Sn-ap is just the beginning in allowing yourself an incredible experience in one of the worlds most wonderful cities, we can’t praise it highly enough.


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  1. This looks really good, do they drop off at airports too around London? It would be so good for future trips. Nice write up!

    • Hi Greg, Thanks! Currently it’s just central London locations such as Finchley Road, Chalk Farm, Camden and Covent Garden but very easy to get to from Heathrow – hope this helps!


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