Le Marche Couvert, Colmar – The Covered Market of Colmar


Le Marche Couvert, Colmar

Colmar does feel like a market town. As we strolled through the town’s enchanting web of cobbled streets, we came across a rather unique market containing livestock and products that the majority of that livestock were destined to end up as.

If the cute bunnies and quacking ducks are a bit too much to imagine on your plate then head to the Marche Couvert – or en Anglais, Covered Market. This place is quite a size but with plenty of room to wander around and take in the quality and variety of regional products from Alsace.

Le Marche Couvert, Colmar
Le Marche Couvert, Colmar

Here, you can pick up a legit Poulet de Bresse – the finest chicken in the world, at a price I might add. Somewhere in the region of €11 (£9.52) per kilo. Equally as prestigious, is the Foie Gras – a whole two stalls dedicated to selling this Alsatian specialty in all its forms. Terrines, au Torchon or as is, the choice is vast.

Le Marche Couvert, Colmar Le Marche Couvert, Colmar
All the fruits and vegetables looked incredibly tempting. So fresh and so much variety. As a food enthusiast with an aparthotel containing cooking facilities, this sent my creative mind into overdrive. Shallots, massive garlic bulbs, fresh salad leaves and wild mushrooms – all of my French cookbooks come to life before my very eyes.

Le Marche Couvert, ColmarLe Marche Couvert, Colmar
The service system really was the only thing that I could fault with most stalls. Many vendors simply view you as a tourist and therefore not worthy of their attention. Other stalls had queues and queues of people wanting to purchase their amazing products but only one member of staff serving at a time, not the greatest impression really.

Le Marche Couvert, Colmar
Le Marche Couvert, Colmar
That said, I did love walking around the market. There’s even a bistro to the side where you can stand and laugh along with the locals (probably at your French) while sipping a beer and devouring a Tarte Flambée.

Le Marche Couvert, Colmar Le Marche Couvert, Colmar Le Marche Couvert, Colmar

Right outside the market sits the canal area of Petit Venise. A scenic masterpiece with boats gliding along the water with tours available at just €6 (£5.21) per person. Just cross the bridge ‘Quai des Poissonniers’ and head down to the small pier right beside the French restaurant to get a taste of the beautiful scenery Colmar has to offer.

Le Marche Couvert, Colmar

Every great town or city quite often has a great market. Colmar is no exception. We loved our time wandering around the spacious covered market and taking in the flavour of Alsace and the region’s cuisine. If you love your food and want to see how the French do it first hand, head on over to the Marche Couvert.

Opening times: Monday – Closed
                             Tuesday – 0800-1800
                             Wednesday – 0800-1800
                             Thursday – 0700-1800
                             Friday – 0800-1900
                             Saturday – 0800-1700
                             Sunday – 1000-1400


    • Hi Rose,
      This market is amazing, so much choice and loads of room to walk around freely. How lucky you are to have this on your doorstep! Thanks for commenting.

  1. I’ve spent the morning thinking how I can fit a Strasbourg and Colmar visit into my Swiss trip this summer. They look amazing and are so up my street. I really appreciate the info on how best to get there and I’ll save your blogs for when I do.

    • The Swiss-French trip is an absolute winner, John. All of those places are beautiful and well worth a visit – really glad I could help you out with the blogs, it will definitely make life a whole lot easier. Don’t forget to have a meal at La Maison des Tetes when in Colmar, have a great trip!


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