Jerk Chicken Wrap Recipe


Jerk Chicken Wrap

With the rain falling outside and the chill in the air showing no signs of leaving my part of the world any time soon, I decided to inject a bit of sunshine into my kitchen. This week Howard from The Smokey Carter very kindly sent me a box of assorted barbecue rubs to play with by the name ‘King of The Grill’ – an assortment of Chipotle, Piri-Piri and Jerk chicken seasonings. A selection that I will no doubt put to good use.

In fact, I’ve decided to start already! With a load of Joe Wicks’ recipes flooding these pages lately, I decided to deviate from The Body Coach books but stay healthy at the same time. The jerk seasoning cast my mind back to Notting Hill – where I ended up getting stuck into a wrap made by ‘The Jerk Chicken Shack’.

The wrap contained salad, barbecue sauce, a dash of mayo and freshly grilled Jamaican Jerk chicken fresh off the grill – so I decided to try recreating it in my very own kitchen. Here’s what you’ll need for two people, although you can adjust the quantities accordingly:

2 Chicken Breasts
2 Tortilla Wraps
2 tsp Jerk Seasoning
1 Iceberg Lettuce, shredded
2-3 Cocktail Tomatoes, quartered
2 tbsp Barbecue Sauce
2 tbsp Mayonnaise

Jerk Chicken Wrap

One thing that I have learned about Jerk seasoning is that a little does go a long way. Opening The Smokey Carter’s sachet of attractive-looking rub it became apparent that this was a legit blend of powerful spices – and should be treated sparingly. I proceeded to bash out a couple of chicken breasts, sandwiched in cling film, to around half the original thickness.

Jerk Chicken Wrap Jerk Chicken Wrap
Jerk Chicken Wrap Jerk Chicken Wrap

Set your grill to the highest setting and season the breasts with around half a teaspoon per side of the Jerk seasoning. Whack these under the grill for about 3-5 minutes per side or until you can smell that spicy aroma and see a slight char beginning to form on the chicken.

Jerk Chicken Wrap
Jerk Chicken Wrap Jerk Chicken Wrap

Flip the chicken over and continue to grill for the same amount of time – don’t be afraid to really let a decent char develop, this will help to produce an intense flavour. Once cooked, allow the chicken to rest for a minute or two just while you prepare the salad garnish.

Jerk Chicken Wrap Jerk Chicken Wrap
I have to say that the smell coming off the chicken breasts was sublime. Even the absence of a charcoal grill (thanks British weather!) couldn’t take away from the aroma filling my kitchen at this point. Luckily you don’t have to wait long to finish off the wrap, simply slice the juicy chicken into large chunks, add the salad and sauces onto a large tortilla wrap, roll it up and dig in!

Jerk Chicken Wrap Jerk Chicken Wrap Jerk Chicken Wrap Jerk Chicken Wrap
The first bite of this took me straight back to the Portobello Road – except for the whole ‘standing in Sainsburys doorway to try and escape the rain’ part of the experience. The rub is fantastic, it’s just the right side of spicy and as mentioned before – incredibly aromatic. The salad provides the cooling element to the spicy chicken resulting in a cracking lunchtime meal.

Jerk Chicken Wrap
One rub down and two more to try – I’m so impressed by The Smokey Carter’s product so far and I can’t recommend this highly enough. If you want to get your hands on Howard’s rub’s just simply follow the link below.

The Smokey Carter

You can also follow The Smokey Carter on Twitter @TheSmokeyCarter


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