Peck, Milan


Peck, Milan

Italy of course is famous for its cured meats and cheeses and by now we were stuffed with some of the best cheese, parma ham and salami that we unearthed throughout our tour. That said, we hadn’t actually been to a proper delicatessen shop yet. Step forward the famous Milan store, Peck. A shop renowned for its mountain of high class food which caters to the high class residents of the city.

I had a few items on my list that I wanted to bring back from Italy but stepping into Peck it’s kind of easy to get distracted. With counters all around the perimeter and displays in between of everything from panettone to pasta sauces it’s a real mecca for Italian goods. On our visit the store was actually very quiet which made getting around and browsing a lot easier.

Peck, Milan

Peck, Milan

My first hit came in the form of Bottarga, a dried mullet roe from Sardinia. I have a few recipes that require it but the prices from UK suppliers were astronomical for imported whole pieces of roe. This comes ready grated and at a price of €7 (£6.15) it’s money well spent (or rather, saved!). In the same area I also picked up some pink peppercorns and an absolute must – truffle butter at €6.50 (5.71).

Peck, Milan Peck, Milan

We continued to stroll around the deli and it’s crazy just how much variety they have here. From fresh pasta, seafood and fresh mushrooms to the highly prized prosciutto  and parmesan. Definitely our kind of place! The prices in actual fact seemed very fair considering that this is often a place linked to the rich clientele of Milan.

Speaking of money, now came the time to pay – and it’s a weird system. First off you approach the cash desk just like in any other store. Then the cashier sends you over to one of the guys behind the deli counter to scan your purchases. This wasn’t a disruption as while the items were being scanned we got to snack on some superb venison salami. With the sales pitch not tempting us we returned to the cash desk to then get the items bagged up….

Peck, Milan Peck, Milan Peck, Milan Peck, Milan

….Then (we’re not quite finished yet!) we headed back over to our friend at the counter to pay which by this point lead us to wonder what it’s like here during busy periods. Bag in hand we exchanged ‘Ciao’s’ and headed back out into the afternoon sunshine. For fans of Italian food a stop at Peck is highly recommended, even for a cheap lunch of deli cuts or to take some pasta back to your apartment, it’s a handy stop and a delicious one.

Opening times: Monday 1500-2000
 Tuesday – Saturday 0900-2000
 Sunday 1000-1700

Nearest Metro: Duomo


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