Hub Hotel by Premier Inn, Brick Lane


 hub hotel by premier inn brick lane
£83 for a night in London? Yes really. We decided on impulse to check out a new area of our country’s capital that we had never visited previously – Brick Lane in the good old East End. Brick Lane is famous nationwide for its Asian population and first rate Indian food, even Gordon Ramsay loves it.

Hub Hotel By Premier Inn
It wasn’t just the lure of delicious curry that turned our heads – there’s also the location. Perfectly situated beside Aldgate East tube station with easy access to the main places in Central London in mere minutes. Ideal for any tourist wanting to save a few pennies. As for tourists – there were plenty on our visit. The French seem to love this area, walking en masse in large tour groups gazing at what was once a slum area of London.

hub hotel by premier inn brick lane

So, what’s the hotel like? Well it’s unlike any place we have been before. Check-in desk? Thing of the past in this place. Wander up to a couple of machines and enter your booking reference number which then prepares your room key for you. If you are not quite up to date with technology in the modern world – fear not, staff are on hand to provide assistance. 
 Hub Hotel By Premier Inn

The lift is activated by your room key by swiping it on the reader just inside the door. We saw many people confused as to why the doors were open and that multiple presses of the buttons hadn’t worked. Don’t be one of these guys. The doors in between the lift and the rooms also are accessed by your room key card providing extra security. With all that taken care of we entered our room.
We had booked a basic room and basic is what you get. A room the size of a shoebox with a bed almost built into the wall. Just above that a flat screen tv with freeview and selected films and a bathroom virtually built into the headboard. Yes it’s a small room but everything is practical with decent storage under the bed and for the price it’s clean and orderly. Ideal for a couple of nights for the budget traveller.
hub hotel by premier inn brick lane

Criticisms of the room are few but one would definitely be the bed. We are a couple of 5’11 and 5’0 respectively and the bed was just about adequate. Anyone over 6’0 may struggle and in addition to that the comfort aspect wasn’t of the highest grade with the risk of falling out of bed a large possibility. 

Hub by Premier Inn Brick Lane

However there are room available for a decent rate if you choose to book further in advance most likely with more space than the basic rooms. The place itself being new is a really nice hotel complete with a coffee shop below and of course a range of places nearby to eat, drink and buy the essentials for your trip.

The staff throughout the stay were pleasant and check out was a simple case of handing over the key card and waving goodbye. For a budget stay on Brick Lane this ticked many boxes and given the choice we would stay again for sure. The Premier Inn Hub chain also feature similar hotels across the capital in top location well worth checking out. Ideal for anyone looking to save money on accommodation in this wonderful city.


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