Gino’s A Taste Of The Sun…..Modena-Style Trio of Meats with Chilli and Rosemary


a taste of the sun

Difficulty 1/5

This recipe from A Taste of the Sun in Gino’s words, is a north Italian dish given a southern twist. A trio of meats favoured by Modena in a chilli and tomato sauce familiar to the south of Italy. The ingredients list contains items familiar to your kitchen cupboard and the types of meat can easily be found in most supermarkets

Modena-Style Trio of Meats

I used a large pan due to the amount of meat (I probably bought a little too much) and began by adding olive oil and lightly frying chopped onion, rosemary and a chilli flakes. Once the onions were soft the meat was added to take on a little colour.

mixed meat

chillies and herbs

Then it’s simply a case of adding tomato puree, coating the meat and adding fresh basil and  three cans of tomatoes. I used Napolina variety which have a great flavour, perfect in tomato-based Italian sauces.

Modena-Style Trio of Meats with Chilli and Rosemary

Modena-Style Trio of Meats with Chilli and Rosemary

After simmering for two hours, uncovering the pan during the last 30 minutes to allow the stew to thicken. By this time the meat was falling off the rib bones and the beef could be broken down with the slight pressure from a fork. The dish needed a fair bit of seasoning due to the vast amount of sauce.






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