Raymond Blanc Kitchen Secrets: Pollock fillet grenobloise, pomme puree


Raymond Blanc opened this recipe with the line ‘We have fished our cod to near extinction and whilst stocks are hopefully replenishing, it is lovely to have a fish like pollock’ Well, you’re not going to like me then….

Sadly pollock had done a disappearing act when I went to not one, but two different fishmongers. Luck of the draw not in my favour I headed to the shelves and picked up the dreaded cod loin along with the rest of the ingredients for this popular French dish often cooked in homes across the country.

Raymond Blanc Kitchen Secrets

The dish comprises of a fillet of pollock (or cod as you now know) with a puree of potatoes finished with a sharp sauce of capers, lemon and parsley dotted with crisp croutons, sounds good doesn’t it?

Well the good news is this dish takes no longer than 40 minutes of your time. I began by preparing the pomme puree by boiling diced maris piper potatoes until soft, pushing them through a sieve, which is a top tip for those who don’t own a ricer, in my opinion also easier to clean and store. The smooth potato mix is then beaten with milk, butter and seasoning until rich and smooth.

making pomme puree

pomme puree

pomme puree

The next step is to cook the fish which I did using my brand new circulon pans with amazing non-stick qualities, highly recommended indeed. The loins then get transferred to the oven once flipped onto the skin side to give a crispy result. The fish then stays warm while the sauce is made using the same pan.

 It’s kind of a trademark of Raymond Blanc’s to make a simple, light sauce and this one is no different but bursting with flavour. The pan used to cook the fish is deglazed with water and then shallots, capers, lemon and parsley are added to make a sharp, light sauce that goes perfectly with just about any seafood.

Raymond Blanc Kitchen Secrets.

Plating up is simple, nothing fancy going on here. Puree on the base, fish on the top and sauce with croutons scattered around.

Pollock fillet grenobloise, pomme puree

The dish could have been neater but the taste and flavour overall was brilliant. Smooth texture from the rich puree and sharp from the sauce complimented the fish superbly. I had pollock cooked sous-vide at Adam’s restaurant in Birmingham which was unbelievable so maybe that could be an idea to build on this dish. For the home cook looking for a go-to meal with a difference this is ideal.

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    • Hi Adele – thanks! Yes the good news is that you can easily substitute pollock with cod, I had a similar situation and it worked just fine.


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