Floyd on France – Rich Chocolate Cake


rich chocolate cake

Just before we start our healthy eating regime we decided to have one last blow out and went and made this cake from Floyd on France, a book that’s proving addictive and a joy to cook from for everyday meals to occasions. It really is one of Keith’s best works.

There’s nothing tricky about this cake, a simple mix of butter,flour and sugar beaten into melted chocolate and flavoured with almond and vanilla, easy indeed. I began the recipe by melting 200g of chocolate over a pan of simmering water. I then separated four eggs into yolks and whites then added equal weights of the egg’s in butter and sugar to the chocolate to melt in.

dark chocolate

flour and sugar

melted chocolate

Once the mix had come together I added the almonds, egg yolks and a little cornflour before removing from the heat. The egg whites then are whisked up to soft peaks and then folded carefully into the chocolate mix.

almonds dark chocolate

floyd on france - rich chocolate cake

floyd on france - rich chocolate cakeI then poured the mix into a ready greased and lined cake tin (I used 20cm) and baked the cake in the oven for 40 minutes. The end result is quite soft, almost fondant like in the centre but once a skewer was inserted it came out clean, indicating that the cake was indeed baked.

greased cake tin

rich chocolate cake floyd on france

rich chocolate cake floyd on franceAll that was left to do was to slice the cake into wedges after removal from the tin and serve with a simple whipped cream that I flavoured with icing sugar and vanilla.

floyd on france rich chocolate cakeThis is a very rich cake but so so good. Fondant-like in the centre and rich from the chocolate and large amount of butter. I used 85% chocolate which made for a slightly more bitter finish but if you prefer a sweeter taste go for 70%. Another cracking recipe from the archives of Floyd.


  1. Floyd was an absolute genius, where can you get this book? I’ve searched everywhere!

    Nice recipe btw.

    • Hi Jamie, Floyd was indeed a genius. The book is available from Amazon – many are used copies but for a good price and in great condition. A real bible of French classic cooking.


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