Cocoa Bread


I first tasted this at a restaurant in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It’s kind of a halfway point between sweet and savoury bread with crushed almonds on the top adding texture to the soft bun. These cocoa breads are also fun to make requiring minimal preparation and an amazing end result.

Cocoa Bread
  1. 400g Strong white flour
  2. 13g Salt
  3. 40g Caster sugar
  4. 60ml Honey
  5. 60ml Milk
  6. 200ml Water
  7. 50g Cocoa powder
  8. 3x 7g Dried yeast sachets
  9. 50g Flaked almonds, cut into small pieces
  10. 50g Unsalted butter, softened
  11. 1 Free-range medium egg, beaten
  1. Mix together the flour, salt, cocoa powder, sugar and yeast in a bowl.
  2. Place the honey, milk and water into a jug and mix well, heat in a microwave for a few seconds to just warm the liquid slightly.
  3. Pour the liquid into the dry ingredients and stir with a spoon, bringing together to a dough consistency. Place the dough onto a work surface and knead for 5-10 minutes or until smooth. Cover the bowl with cling film and leave for 45 minutes in a warm place to rise.
  4. Uncover the bowl and tip the dough out onto a work surface. Dice the softened butter and knead the cubes into the dough, this is quite sticky but have faith, it will come together! Once all the butter is incorporated and the dough is smooth, return the dough to the bowl and cover again, leave in a warm place to rise for a further 45 minutes.
  5. Preheat the oven to 180C.
  6. Remove the cling film and line a baking tray with non-stick parchment paper. Take small amounts of the dough and roll into rounds about the size of a golf ball. Cover the tray with cling film and leave for 20 minutes.
  7. Remove the cling film and using a pastry brush, glaze the tops of the dough with a little beaten egg. Sprinkle over some almond crumbs and bake in the oven for 14 minutes. Once baked, leave to cool before serving.
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