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Purely by chance scanning the wrong part of Dubai Marina on Google street view we came across a mooring of jetski. The idea then came about of just how good it would be to try these out, as it’s something that we have always wanted to try. Luckily we came across a very popular jetski dubai experience company from a little further up Jumeirah beach by the name of SeaRide Dubai.

Jetski in Dubai with Searide Dubai

Highly rated on tripadvisor and selected other review sites, SeaRide offer both jet ski experiences and also flyboarding, if being powered up into the air by a jet of water is your thing. You can choose an hour or two hour tour by jet ski allowing you to sample the skyline and sights of Dubai from the comfort of gliding along on a high powered machine. This drew us in and within minutes we had the confirmation by email of our two hour tour.

There are a few stipulations to the experience but none offputting. Firstly you need to be able to swim, makes sense really if you were to fall in the sea. Secondly the payment is by cash only by way of Emirati Dirham. Thirdly you need to bring along your passport otherwise it’s no jetski for you! Fortunately we met all criteria’s.

Jetski in Dubai with Searide Dubai

The other challenge is actually getting to the place. We chose to go by taxi which is your best bet as there isn’t many forms of public transport that go near the harbour. SeaRide Dubai provide printable maps and directions which we needed when it came to the taxi. The drivers though are very helpful and even if their English is at times not the strongest they still get you there.

It was a boiling hot day when we arrived at the harbour. Nothing new for Dubai you may think but recently the weather had been bad enough for the experiences to be called off on safety grounds, something that is specified by SeaRide on your booking confirmation. We approached a small hut with a couple of South African guys welcoming us with the jet ski’s adjacent on the marina. Don’t worry if you have items such as bags or money, we left these with the guys in the wooden hut while we were out on the experience.

After a safety briefing from a gentleman resembling Alan Garner from The Hangover films we were ready to go, I believe his name was Elton and not Alan, for the record. Two German’s were our tour buddies as we made up a fleet of three jetski plus our guide. Slow speeds throughout the harbour don’t last long as you hit the throttle over the sea and begin to realise the power that these machines possess.

Jetski in Dubai with Searide Dubai

It was tricky getting used to the bobbing motion and actually trusting that the jet ski wasn’t going to topple over. Then there’s the waves, damn them. The waves were only small really but enough to cause you to lift up and come crashing down again. I was beginning to wish that i’d brought a cushion.

My speed wasn’t impressing Alan, sorry, Elton. “You need to go a little faster, brother” I could just about make out through his beard. “It’s going to get a lot more wavier on the next part” oh good. Good advice from me would be just to go for it and when you hit the throttle the jet ski almost powers straight through the waves and the ride is a lot smoother. Ripping along beside the skyline is just an awesome feeling.

We stopped at regular intervals to give our nuts a break from the up and down motion but also to take on the free water they provide. In addition, Elton will take photo’s for you which is handy when stopping at Burj al-arab and The Atlantis which make stunning memories of your tour. We were loving this.

Coming into the marina area meant lots of boats, yachts and potential hazards, oh yeah and more waves. We were hitting waves at high speed, a few flung us about 10 feet in the air. This was the adrenaline rush that we’d signed up for. On an extended break at the marina beach we had a laugh with the German guys “I was diving” said one in reference to the waves.

Jetski in Dubai with Searide Dubai

The rest of the tour included more skyline views and a gentler pace on the way back. It was everything we had hoped for and more as we pulled back into the harbour to complete the circle. We thanked Elton and he informed us that the photo’s would be on the SeaRide Facebook page and free to save on our own devices. True to his word a day later there they were. Really good quality.

Jetski in Dubai with Searide Dubai

Getting back to Atlantis the Palm was easy enough. Taxi’s can be hailed from the main round outside the harbour entrance or the guys can order you an Uber. We would recommend the taxi from the street though which is a lot cheaper. What an experience it was and a two hour tour was perfect for getting the best out of the experience. Highly recommended.





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