Dubai Mall and Fountain Show


It’s the biggest mall in the world. Not only that, it seems to have the biggest walkway in the world too. The route from the metro station ‘Dubai Mall’ takes an eternity. Catching glimpses of the Burj Khalifa – only the tallest building in the world – on your way through takes the stress off the ramble.

We entered the mall with two purposes. Firstly to check out the centre itself and then take in the fountain show in the plaza outside. We gathered very quickly that this is a favourite of the local people with many men in traditional arab dress with families in tow gathering round the vast array of shops – and believe me, there’s plenty of them!

dubai fountain show

The Dubai obsession with excess goes into overdrive here. There’s shops in the distance we can’t even make out. This place is huge. Finding the area for the fountain show wasn’t easy but the best advice is to keep following the signs and head down the escalators to the base floor. Turn back on yourself and out of the doors into the plaza area. The shows begin at every half an hour from 6pm until 11pm, completely free of course.

dubai mall

We would say save your money going up Burj Khalifa and get a great view of this building from the fountain area. You get beautiful views of the world’s tallest building complete with the fountains as free props. Highly recommend this as the entry to the building can be very expensive, especially in the evening.

The fountain show is extremely popular, especially at sunset so do get there in time to grab a good spot either on the bridge or by the railings. Boats take tourists on mini-cruises around the fountain lake, one of which came under heavy spray from the jets of the fountain at the beginning of the show causing laughter from the crowd of spectators.

The show itself is stunning and set to background classical music, usually on a theme.  The fountains dance in rhythm to match the music with incredible height. In one airline magazine it is claimed that this fountain show is viewable from space!

dubai fountain show

We stopped afterwards for a cake at the famous french patisserie Laduree which is perfect for anyone wanting high-end patisserie in a relaxed setting. In the back area of the cafe is a tearoom with comfy chairs and a chilled atmosphere. As expected here the service is faultless and the cafe has the added plus of an outside seating area. We had a Plaisir Sucre – a slice of chocolate and hazelnut and a Saint-Honore with rose and lychee. Both pastries were light and full of flavour, intense rose taste in the Honore was amazing and perfect flavours with a nod to the middle east.

laduree Dubai mall laduree Dubai mall laduree Dubai mall laduree Dubai mall

For anyone even remotely interested in shopping this mall has everything. The sheer size of the place should occupy a good few hours of your time whether you wish to go high end or mid-range. The highlight for us was definitely the fountain show outside in the beautiful plaza, a true spectacle and unusually for money-mad Dubai, a free attraction. Well worth visiting.


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