Pad Thai Saladang


Pad Thai Saladang
Saladaeng 2 Alley, Silom, Bangkok

I was searching for restaurants near our hotel at the So Sofitel in the Silom area of Bangkok when examining the alleyways around Saladang I came across this Pad Thai place tucked away from the main Silom road just behind the Silom Complex shopping centre.

Pad Thai Saladang

Pad Thai Saladang is a restaurant seemingly run out of someone’s garage which only opens between 8:45am-2pm Monday-Friday serving the national dish of Thailand, Pad Thai. We’d never had Pad Thai for breakfast so eager to try an authentic version we headed down the Silom road in search of just that.

It’s a place you would never find unless you were looking for it. Down a small alleyway with its furnace facing the road and assortment of plants outside.The tables are barely visible until you step closer. “Pad Thai?” a woman sitting on a chair by the entrance barks at me. A nod of my head gets us a table for two. It’s actually quite a nice setting with fans for air conditioning and a front row seat to watch the Pad Thai master in her surgical mask shake a wok vigorously over a huge flame.

Pad Thai Saladang

It takes literally seconds for our order to hit the table and the smell is amazing, a real scent of the wok. Garnishes of beansprouts, spring onions and lime wedges accompany the dish but there’s no need for them, this is the best balanced pad thai that we’ve ever eaten. All the usual suspects are there, sweet, salty, sour and just spicy enough.

One thing to watch out for is the prawns tail shells were left on, a common occurrence in Bangkok as we were to find out with the Asian love for keeping meat on the bone later on. After finishing the tastiest plate of the trip I approached the lady who had cooked it and discovered that she spoke no English and gave the bill in Thai, fortunately English speakers were on hand to translate and we left 110 Baht poorer but 110% happier.

Pad Thai Saladang

It’s a popular place for people on the way to work who get takeaway in styrofoam boxes and also a handful of tourists were present on our visit. If review sites are to be believed this could well be the best Pad Thai in Bangkok. I would struggle to disagree.

Pad Thai Saladang


Two plates of Pad Thai + Two bottles of water = 110 Baht (£2.49)

Nearest Metro: Silom


    • It was the best Pad Thai that we tried in the entire time we were in Bangkok – awesome place, popular for take-out too if you’re on the go!


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