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Feeling fit? We’re off to Gough street situated on the upper levels of central Hong Kong. We could have used the mid-escalators to take the easy route up but that’s just admitting defeat. Climbing the steep flights of stairs from Queen’s Road Central lead us to our mid-morning snack location, Oddies.

Oddies Hong Kong Egglets

Oddies is a gelato bar which specialises in egglets. The traditional pancake of Hong Kong, kind of like edible bubble wrap in appearance. We arrived early on location and decided to amuse ourselves by checking out the ridiculous line for Kau Kee restaurant. People were going mad for this place that serves Chinese noodle dishes, perhaps most notably brisket noodles. Tourists were even lining up with their suitcases which was odd bearing in mind the place is shared table shoulder to shoulder type dining.

Oddies Hong Kong Egglets Oddies Hong Kong Egglets

The line almost stretched back to where we were outside Oddies. Fortunately the doors opened and we walked into a bright white bar-type place with a simple counter and bar seating. Having consulted the menu outside we settled on the large size Night Wolf consisting of chocolate and caramel ice cream and an apple and cinnamon version with salted caramel and raisins. Both large pots came in at $85HKD (£8.50).

The service was friendly and English was spoken but there was only one lady seemingly running the entire shop when we walked in. Lucky we got our order in first as she disappeared into the back and left the next group of American tourists wondering if anyone was around. We took our seats on the bar stools and awaited the much talked about ice cream indulgence.

One slight criticism of the place has to be the volume of the music within the shop, even too loud for the Americans who got theirs to go. Down to personal preference of course but if a relaxing, quiet gelato experience is your thing then maybe don’t eat in.

Our pots of ice cream and egglets arrived and large really did mean just that. These were huge. However, they were very very tasty. The Night Wolf is one of the most popular across the range of around 6 different flavour combinations. The rich chocolate ice cream and pieces of brownie were fantastic along with the large egglet waffle. Everything went together and featured ice cream of high quality.

Oddies Hong Kong Egglets Oddies Hong Kong Egglets

The favourite though had to be the apple and cinnamon egglet. It was like delving into apple pie and ice cream with a hit of salted caramel and fruit from the raisins. The egglets had a pistachio flavour to them which completed a very good, rich ice cream dessert. Excellent flavour and well thought out.

Oddies Hong Kong Egglets

Oddies is a casual place that serves very good ice cream. We would recommend that if you are looking for a place to try the famous egglets of Hong Kong then look in the direction of Oddies. Really high quality ice cream with spot on flavour combinations, what’s not to like?

Opening Times: Daily 1230-2230

Nearest Metro: Central


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