La Defense Christmas Market 2018

Somewhere under that big hovering square arc sits a Christmas market that seems to increase in size each year. This is La Defense Christmas Market, a little further from the centre of Paris but well worth the journey by metro or RER.

la defense christmas market 2018 paris

A village of around 350 stalls is set up right in the heart of the Paris business district. Think Canary Wharf in London and you’re along the right lines. The village is directly outside the exit to both metro and RER so minimal walking is required.


The market is a collection of little wooden huts with stall vendors selling everything from sweets, chocolates, crafts and clothing to a decent variety of food. The ever-popular raclette and tartiflette can be found in the very centre of the market.

la defense christmas market 2018 paris

Prices are very similar to those at the Jardin de Tuileries Christmas Market. A portion of tartiflette or raclette will set you back €8-10 with smaller items such as sandwiches and fries more in the region of €3-8.

la defense christmas market 2018 paris

With this being the main business district and Paris living in times of threat and attack, it was expected that security remained tight. Bags were searched on the way into the village and also at various points within the village also. It was a comforting sight to be honest.

la defense christmas market 2018 paris

The choice of food was incredibly varied but we ended up heading to a stall selling Toulouse sausages in a baguette for €7.50. Here, the vendor slathered mayonnaise onto a fresh baguette, added a mixture of peppers and onions plus the all important sausage.


You can’t really go wrong with a sandwich in France, the French do them so well. This one was no exception. A nice garlic flavour from the sausage went very well with the fried peppers, onions and mayonnaise, well worth the money.

la defense christmas market 2018 paris

la defense christmas market 2018 paris

la defense christmas market 2018 paris

We got some fries from the opposing stall for €3 a cornet. These were weird in shape, almost with a curve in them. Nice fries but no sauce was offered which was a shame.

la defense christmas market 2018 paris

La Defense Christmas Market offers a good experience for those wanting a quick drink, a bite to eat and a few stalls to browse through. For me, it’s not in the class of Jardin de Tuileries Christmas Market – that has far more to see and do.

la defense christmas market 2018 paris

It is, however, a very good introduction to Parisian Christmas Markets and sits in a stunning setting underneath the large arc. That alone has to be the motivation to come and check out La Defense Christmas Market.


Opening Times: 22nd November – 29th December


Nearest Metro: La Defense




  1. December 24, 2018 / 5:03 am

    This looks so good! It sounds crazy but I can smell this market from this post, all the way in London. I hope you have a great Christmas ♥️ x

    • Chris
      December 28, 2018 / 11:33 am

      Hi Ellie! The smell is probably a combination of raclette and sausages haha it’s a superb market and well worth visiting. Have a lovely Christmas.

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