Gelato Village, Leicester

Gelato Village, Leicester

The heatwave shows no sign of ending so to bring our temperatures down a bit, we headed to an ice cream parlour in the St Martin’s area of Leicester city centre. Gelato Village came to Leicester in 2014 but it’s taken us until now to discover the place, better late than never I guess.

Gelato Village, LeicesterGelato Village, Leicester

With the weather scorching us locals, the line was predictably long for the gelato. Once we got inside the parlour we could get a good look at the menu. Many all-time favourites feature with a few locally inspired concoctions with one flavour dedicated to Richard III – whose remains were discovered underneath a Leicester car park.

Gelato Village, Leicester

Prices are fair, especially for the time of year. We opted for two medium cups, one with Tiramisu and Gianduia chocolate and the other with Milk Chocolate and Raspberry. Each cup came to £4.30 for regular size.

Gelato Village, Leicester

This place is popular with families and therefore can get a bit loud. We sought out a bit of peace on the outside seating from which you can watch the city and its people go about their daily business.

Gelato Village, Leicester

We are regular travellers to Italy and this ice cream is 100% on par with the Italians. The Tiramisu had a deep coffee taste with a hint of cocoa, the Gianduia was rich and indulgent as top quality chocolate should be. Both flavours went together perfectly.

Gelato Village, Leicester

The real star though was the raspberry ice cream. The flavour coming out of this is as fresh as it gets. Pairing the raspberry with chocolate was always going to be a good idea, a straight ten out of ten for this combo. We loved it.

Gelato Village, Leicester

After reading up on the history of Gelato Village, I was quite surprised (alright, not all that surprised in the end) to find out that the family who own the place are from Turin. In the hands of experts, ice cream can be an amazing thing. This is definitely a place most welcome in Leicester.

Gelato Village, Leicester

The lengths to which the family are going to ensure that the products sold are of the best quality is astounding. A bowl of fresh Amalfi lemons sits on the counter – the finest in the world. This took me right back to our first trip to Italy sitting on our balcony in Sant’Agnello near Sorrento surrounded by lemon trees. A great moment of reflection.

I’m all for supporting local businesses and Gelato Village definitely deserve support. It’s a genuine thrill not to have to trek all the way down to London or over to Italy to get the best ice cream. Gelato Village have a good thing going on, get down there and try some of the best frozen dessert for miles around.

Opening Times: Monday – Saturday 1100-2300
                          Sunday 1100-1800

Nearest Train Station: Leicester




  1. August 24, 2018 / 8:36 pm

    Yummmm! This looks amazing! Great review, I’m sure they’d be touched by your high praise!

    • Chris
      August 24, 2018 / 8:40 pm

      Thank you Ruth, it’s some of the best gelato we have tried – and it’s right on our doorstep!

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