Bubblewrap Waffle London

Bubblewrap Waffle London

Fresh off our Sn-ap coach, we headed from Covent Garden over to Chinatown to try an old friend – the bubble waffle. You have to cast your mind all the way back to Hong Kong for our first experience of these Asian snacks at Oddies.

Thankfully, you can save yourself the airfare by heading to Bubblewrap, a small shop in amongst the ‘all you can eat’ buffets and noodle bars of London’s Chinatown. We had caught a glimpse of this place on a previous trip to the capital – and its enormous queue.

Bubblewrap Waffle London

The queue this time around was a lot more in our favour. Just as well really as the shop is tiny. The system works in such a way as you choose your combination of ice cream, bubble waffle and flavouring, pay for it and then move along the queue while watching your sweet treat prepared.

Bubblewrap Waffle London

London, much like the rest of the county, had been gripped by a heatwave on our visit. Many in search of the ultimate cool-down soon flocked to the shop creating a queue two deep in the galley-type set up. This was close quarters.

Bubblewrap Waffle LondonBubblewrap Waffle London

Our creations soon reached us – a peanut and salted caramel wrap with hazelnut ice cream along with a ‘Deluxe Lover’ complete with strawberries, chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Both bubble wraps looked incredibly tempting with many customers opting to shoot theirs for the benefit of Instagram and Twitter.

Bubblewrap Waffle London

I loved the lover long time! (OK, we’re in Chinatown, tone it down Chris) but in all seriousness it was a cracking blend of well made ice cream, sweet and fresh strawberry with chocolate sauce. Superb!

Bubblewrap Waffle London

The salted caramel and peanut wrap was on another level. I was a little dubious as to how whole peanuts would work but they really go superbly well with all the other elements. The hazelnut, much like the vanilla ice cream, was incredibly well made.

Bubblewrap Waffle LondonBubblewrap Waffle London

The waffles themselves were far better than Hong Kong’s, in our opinion. They had a much crispier bite and more of a flavour to them. I had the misfortune to lose one of the bubbles off my waffle resulting in three pigeons having a full on scrap to claim it.

Bubblewrap Waffle London

It remains to be asked though, would I wait ages in line for one of those bubble wraps on my next visit? Hell yes I would. For the price of £13.98 ($18.58 US) this is tremendous value for a high quality product. The staff in the shop were friendly and the crowd opinion was unanimously positive when it came to eating the wraps. We will certainly be ‘avin a bubble again!

Opening Times: Daily 1230-2200

Nearest Tube Station: Leicester Square (Northern and Piccadilly Lines)





  1. July 19, 2018 / 7:29 pm

    Great post. I went a couple of weeks ago and loved it. I am a sucker for trying any new desserts. They just all look so nice

    • Chris
      July 19, 2018 / 9:31 pm

      Thank you! Honestly, they were amazing, better than the ones we had in Hong Kong. Very Instagram friendly too!

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