Joe Wicks McLean Muffin – Lean in 15 ‘Shift’ plan

Joe Wicks Mclean Muffin

Joe Wicks has helped me fall in love with breakfast again. So many times I would either wake up late or be dashing out the door missing out on eating in the morning. Of course I would pay for that later when filling my face with food to compensate for the poor start to the day. Those days, thankfully, are fast becoming a distant memory as Lean in 15 is slowly taking over my life – for the better.

So, to the muffin! This is a great arrangement of protein, iron, vitamins and carbs all in one. A toasted muffin topped with deli sliced ham, spinach, cherry tomatoes and a poached egg – yum!

Joe Wicks Mclean Muffin Joe Wicks Mclean Muffin Joe Wicks Mclean Muffin Joe Wicks Mclean Muffin

I began by frying a few cherry tomatoes in blistering hot coconut oil to wake me up a bit. Chucking in a couple of handfuls of baby spinach, once the tomatoes had blistered, results in a rather photogenic mix of goodness in the pan. I added a cheeky secret ingredient – a few fresh thyme leaves that I happened to have knocking about.

Joe Wicks Mclean Muffin Joe Wicks Mclean Muffin

Next up, the muffin. Slice it, toast it and that’s it! Just shut the oven door to keep it warm while the egg poaches. On the subject of poaching eggs, I can’t believe Joe missed out on the ultimate way to poach eggs (and no, not in a sous-vide this time) here’s my method : Bring a pan of water up the boil and season with a little salt, crack the egg into a cup or glass, whisk the water either with a whisk or spoon to create a whirlpool effect then drop the egg into the eye of the storm.

Joe Wicks Mclean Muffin

Joe Wicks Mclean Muffin

Leave the egg in there for around 3-4 minutes or until the white has set and the yolk is still nice and runny. There you have it, a perfectly poached egg. Shall we build this muffin then?

Lay a slice of the ham on the base of the muffin and top it off with the spinach and tomato mix along with the poached egg. Stick the lid on and you’re good to dive in.

Joe Wicks Mclean Muffin

Joe Wicks Mclean Muffin

The muffin looked beautiful and honestly it tasted even better. The genius addition of fresh thyme (an inspired choice) made all the difference. It tasted strangely similar to a Bacon and Egg McMuffin from McDonalds with the ham and egg combo going on. This is probably one of my favourite breakfast’s from the book and I will definitely be making this again.

Joe Wicks Mclean Muffin


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