Joe Wicks – My Mum’s Special Lasagne from Lean in 15 ‘Shift’

Joe Wicks 'My Mum's Special Lasagne'

Lasagne, who doesn’t love it? This was one of my favourite foods growing up and it seems that Joe Wicks was no different. To get a healthy version of a cheese-laden carb-fest appears virtually impossible – well, to me anyway. So how would a ‘healthy’ version of a favourite comfort food go down? Well, let’s make it!

Studying the recipe, it becomes immediately obvious that this isn’t any normal lasagne – in actual fact it’s got a lot of the good stuff missing. No bechamel, no onslaught of mozzarella and parmesan – just meat, pasta and sauce. What the lasagne does contain is a fair whack of veg to nudge you closer to that five a day. Joe’s mum includes courgettes in this recipe but sadly, on the day, I had ran out.

Joe Wicks 'My Mum's Special Lasagne'
I began as I would making any normal lasagne – by chopping up onions and carrots. The veggies then go into a pan, with a touch of olive oil, to soften. I then tipped the carrots and onions onto a plate freeing the pan up to fry the mince – a whole kilo!

Joe Wicks 'My Mum's Special Lasagne'

Joe Wicks 'My Mum's Special Lasagne'
After browning the mince and placing it into the bowl with the veggies, I quickly realised that the frying pan that I’d used wasn’t going to be big enough. This called for my largest pot. I whacked in a load of chopped tomatoes and a few sprigs of basil along with some chicken stock and let the mix bubble away for 20 minutes.

Joe Wicks 'My Mum's Special Lasagne'

Joe Wicks 'My Mum's Special Lasagne'
If I had one criticism at this point it would be that the lasagne mix looked a bit dry. Extra tomatoes or stock will see to this but at this point I had ran out of both. The giant lasagne dish that i’d selected wasn’t about to help matters as I became increasingly concerned that I wouldn’t have enough of the meat sauce.

Joe Wicks 'My Mum's Special Lasagne'

Joe Wicks 'My Mum's Special Lasagne'
I began to layer the lasagne – beginning with a layer of meat sauce on the bottom. Onto that go the first layer of lasagne sheets and then more sauce to create three layers. As you can see, I was falling short on the sauce front so I had to improvise on the top layer by mixing some tomato puree with water,seasoning and herbs. I just about made it. A cheeky scattering of leftover grated mozzarella completes the dish.

Joe Wicks 'My Mum's Special Lasagne'
Joe Wicks 'My Mum's Special Lasagne'

Joe Wicks 'My Mum's Special Lasagne'
Wrap the lasagne in foil and don’t worry about it for a good 40-45 minutes, easy! After the time had passed my thoughts turned to failed lasagne’s in the past due to insufficient liquid resulting in semi-firm pasta sheets – a little too al dente lets say. Saying that though, the lasagne passed the knife test and once cooled slightly it’s ready to slice up.

Joe Wicks 'My Mum's Special Lasagne'

Joe Wicks 'My Mum's Special Lasagne'
I couldn’t believe that A) this serves four people and B) this is healthy. Honestly, I was stuffed to the gills after eating a slice of this and although a bit on the dry side it does taste very good. I reckon a smaller dish and a few more chopped tomatoes or stock and we would have a winner here. The good news also is that you can freeze any leftovers, which I ended up doing. Comfort food on a diet, who knew?



  1. Jan Zac
    March 23, 2018 / 1:18 pm

    Hello ,

    I saw your tweets about the body coach and I would love to do this kind of food. How are you finding it?

    Jan Zac

    • Chris
      March 24, 2018 / 10:54 pm

      Hi Jan Zac,

      Thanks! The food is very good and exactly to my taste, a great way to eat and stay healthy for sure. I hope you enjoy the other body coach posts!

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