Pizza Ad Hoc, Turin

Pizza Ad Hoc, Turin
After filling up on pizza during our stay in Florence we took a break from wood fired pies in Genoa, mainly gorging on pasta. We decided to get back on the pizza wagon in Turin after a serious case of first night munchies. Just two streets down from our hotel at Piazza Carlo Emanuele II was a well known pizzeria highly rated by many.
Pizza Ad Hoc sits on a quiet street a brisk walk away from the towering Mole Antonelliana not far from the banks of the River Po. Outside seating is available if eating pizza within touching distance of passing motorcycles is your thing…it turned out to be ours. We got to the restaurant early, aware of their popularity. Friendly English speaking staff kindly found us a table and a menu in English to go with it.

Pizza Ad Hoc, Turin
If you are coming out for a late dinner I would highly recommend a reservation at this place. No sooner had we sat down and ordered many tourists were being turned away. The menu wasn’t a typical Italian pizzeria menu – so many combinations! In the end we settled on a ‘Parmella’ which comprised of buffalo mozzarella and parma ham and a ‘Suina’ of ham,sausage and cheese but with a name like that you would be forgiven for thinking it was an oriental dish.
Pizza Ad Hoc, Turin

On a nice warm evening such as this was sitting on the street watching the world go by was rather enjoyable, more so because the torinese driver’s aren’t as manic as other Italian drivers. Our pizza’s came hot and fresh looking good enough to dive straight into. You can either go for a medium size or large pizza depending of course how hungry you are. These were medium but more than adequate at a good price around an average of €8 (£7.04) with the large averaging more towards €17 (£14.97).

Pizza Ad Hoc, Turin

The crust on the pizza was very good and on the same level to the pizza’s that we enjoyed in Florence. My one criticism would be the tomatoes – these tasted cheap. Italians pride themselves on producing some of the best tomatoes on earth, why compromise? The toppings were decent though and overall for the final bill of €22.50 (£19.82) it wasn’t a bad choice.

Pizza Ad Hoc, Turin

Pizza Ad Hoc, Turin
Ad Hoc is a popular place and does get busy so it’s worth planning ahead in that sense but for me I couldn’t quite justify the hype, good pizza yes but not the finest in the city it has to be said. If a convenient early dinner in a quiet street is what you are after then Ad Hoc fits the bill it also suits the pocket of the budget traveller.

Pizza Ad Hoc, Turin

Opening times: Monday- Friday 1200-1430,1900-2230 (2300 Friday)
                        Saturday- Sunday 1900-2300

Nearest Metro: Re Umberto


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  1. ThomasW
    January 24, 2018 / 1:12 pm

    Pizza in Turin isn’t my favourite – try the truffle agnolotti.


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